View Full Version : Tomb Kings 2250 - Advice wanted

Brush your teeth
21-06-2008, 12:46
Ok, well i've been meaning to get back into fantasy for a while now, and really liked the look of the tomb kings i played in a local fantasy tournamnent and decided to see what i could do playing around with a couple of lists.

As i have very little experience of fantasy i thought i'd post this up for some C&C.

High Priest
Golden Ankhra
Cloak of Dunes
Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest
2x Dispel Scoll
Casket of Souls

Tomb Prince
Spear of Antarhak
Talisman of Protection
Light armour

Icon Bearer
Light armour
Chariot of Fire

3 Chariots
Full command
Mirage Standard

3 Chariots
Full command

5 Light horsemen

5 Light horsemen

10 Skeleton Warriors

20 Skeleton Warriors
Light Armour
Spears + Shields
Full Command

3 Carrion

Screaming skull catapult
Skulls of the foe

Bone giant

5 Dispel Dice
3 Dispel scrolls
out put of 4 (i think) incartations a turn + Casket of Souls

Duke Raoul
21-06-2008, 14:51
To be honest I'm not a TK player but if I was I would try and squeeze in a tomb scorpion. I swear those bloody things rock!

21-06-2008, 17:07
dropp the light horsemen and get a scorpion in there

W A L 5 H Y
21-06-2008, 22:03
Yh looks kl m8 liking the chariots n stuff. I have played a couple of times with TKs and there are some nasty things you can give your characters. One is the burning chariot which will give your prince D6 + 1 impact hits insteam of the usuall D3 and if you give hime a great weapon ur chariot unit on the charge becomes quite nasty! Also an item called the heretic jar is usefull to use it gives you a chance to cast an incantaion again! its good for supprising your enemy and when you really want ur urgancy incantation on the bone giant its really helpfull!

But the army list you have now is quite good! it has a lot of magic defence and the mob of chariots is good!

But i agree with the others get a couple of tomb scorpions to hit enemy gun lines!