View Full Version : Priest spells and remains in play

21-06-2008, 14:20
Just a quick question, since priest spells count as bound spells can they cast more than one remains in play prays? Like can a Arch lector cast the unbreakable one and then cast soulfire without dispelling the unbreakable one?

21-06-2008, 14:23
Unless it says otherwise, no.

21-06-2008, 15:40


1st page, middle right under 'FAQs'

so... nope

21-06-2008, 16:54
I love disappointing Empire players who have taken the War Altar and expect to be able to re-roll hits and misses and then cast Burning Gaze/ Cleansing Flare/ Doomfire Ring with this :D

21-06-2008, 23:28

the war altar only has 1 remains in play spell to be concerned with...

what it boils down to is altar 1st, lector 2nd...

the official interpretation is actually how i always played it so there wasn't a change for me...

and as an empire player my war altar is still the best 100pts spent in my army...

[4+ ward, unbreakable, MR2, chariot, all lore of light spells available...]

great cannons being a close second, naturally... :)

22-06-2008, 21:38
Well yes, if the Empire player was expecting to re-roll hits and misses, and thinks he can then cast Cleansing Flare as well and get to use the re-rolls, then he's sorely mistaken. And usually will be disappointed.

23-06-2008, 15:04
Does using an item based bound spell break remains in play prayers?

23-06-2008, 15:25
same faq as above...

bottom left of the 2nd page...

rip prayers function exactly like bound spells...

so... yep, using a bound item would break rip prayers...

as an empire player just think about what order you want to cast in ahead of time and you'll be fine... :)