View Full Version : Skaven 750pts

21-06-2008, 19:08
Ok iam new to skaven and fantasy in general, so bear with me. came up with this list:-

Chieftain with shield and heavy armour 51pts

warlock engineer with blades, condenser and storm daemon 95pts

25x plague monks with extra hand weapons and full command 225pts

25x clanrats with full command 150pts

25x clanrats with musician and banner 140pts

20x slaves with musician 44pts

20x slaves with musician 44pts

Total 749pts

Any C+C? Was thinking of dropping 5 monks and their champion and the chieftain, to get either 6 censer bearers or a warp lightening cannon. This is just really a list to play friendly games with till i learn the rules.;)

21-06-2008, 19:13
I really like this, it's not cheesy and think it could be very effective.

At 750pts you won't need a cannon, pure numbers and combat res will beat anything too big.

I'd possibly drop a couple of plague monks for a ratling gun though!

Good luck.