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22-06-2008, 00:04
hej guys, i play empire and i play mostly vs beastmen.
he has

2 gor units of 21 with wizard and melee boss
3 chariots
1 centigor units of 5
2 hound units of 5

he is as you can see in control of a swift moving force that can mostly outflank me or get the charge at least.

i have

wizard,captain on horse, warrior priest
2 big blocks of infantry spearmen and swordsmen of 20
pistoliers and knights both 5
8 and 9 skirmish bowmen.

anyway i mostly try to ankor my flank down with my big blocks and TRY to sweep round with my cav

until now my cavalry has been slaugthered and then he concentrated on my other force trying to smah trough.

cannon did great against 3 chariots and archers did allright but i'm thinking of swapping 1 unit for a unit of free company.
this a good call or am i just beeing stupid?
i could use the extra 30 pts for better magic items and maybe better command groups.

also any other tactics than the hammer and the anvil and the flank anchor?
i really need help because im doing a campaign against them soon.
and i need to win at least one battle:p

wel thanks warserians and :)

22-06-2008, 00:49
Those 3 chariots are going to hurt... Other than that our biggest weakness is Combat res and leadership... force panic tests...

22-06-2008, 16:58
Hmmm I think your force could do with a slight rejig if you want to do well against an army like that. I'd drop a hero and just run with two rather than three. I'd also think about dropping the Archers for Crossbowmen as they hit harder.

Against a type of army like this I'd try to keep your army togther rather than trying to perform any 'sweeping' manuvers with the mobile element of your force. Concentrate on pounding his vunerable fast units (his hounds) then swich to cutting down the Centigors. Even causeing a few of casualties on each unit would be enough to render them useless. Use the cannon to take on the chariots (IIRC Beastman chariots aren't that tough so you could have a pop at them with the strength 4 crossbows as well if you get the chance).

Use your mobile elements to cover the foot troops. Basicaly in a straight fight you should be able to take on his core Beastherd units. You want to kill these as they hold a lot of the armies VP. Shooting at them doesn't really work that well as they are skirmishers and teh fact that they can move freely through woods means they can approach from directions where LOS is blocked.


22-06-2008, 21:37
thanks kharadras, good to have objectives in a battle, i will try to eliminate his fast elements and then concentrate on his slower ones, luring him into combat with my blocks.

i do have a question about what to do with my cavalry? what

my army list has changed a bit i have added crossbows, so what do you think?

wizard lvl2 (lore of death)=

warrior priest, armor of meteoric iron, 2nd hand weapon =

20 swordsmen fc =

20 spearmen fc =

detachement-10 free company=

detachement-10 crossbowmen=

10 skirmish bowmen =

5 knights

5 pistoliers


Total 999 pts

what should i do? leave knights out or drop a archer unit or something.

i plan to out tactic an enemy instead of going equipement heavy. anyway thanks for al the help.

22-06-2008, 22:33
Looks fairly OK to me. Personaly I wouldn't go with the lore of death with the level two wizard purely because so many of the spells are quite difficult to get off. I'd probably go for either Beasts, Fire or Heavens. I'd also look at trying to free up the points for a bound spell like the Doomfire ring. This combined with your PD and prayer from the priest means your opponant will be pushed to dispel everything and your 4 DD should keep his magic fairly well contained.

I'd think about dropping the detachment of free company for more crossbowmen. I'd possibly drop the archers to pay for the crossbowmen as dropping the free company won't pay for all the unit. With the points saved from the removal of the Free company and the archers you should be able to afford the Doomfire Ring, a detachment of 10 crossbowmen and a musician for the Pistoliers and the Knights (always useful)

i do have a question about what to do with my cavalry? what

Leave them in. Try to sweep his hounds and Centigors off the table as early as possible with your crossbows and then bring your cavalry out to play. The main idea is not to get charged. Pistoliers and Knights work well togther IMHO and the Pistoliers are great for baiting units into close range of the Knights.

You have to face up to the fact that your opponant is going to be faster than you. Dropping your maneuverability is always a bad idea as his list will be able to dictate the flow of the game easier that way. Basicaly use your magic and missile fire to force your opponant to close with you quickly. By taking out his vunerable fast units you can even up the game balance. Remember to use your Crossbowmen as detachments for your spear and swordsmen so you can use the awesome Empire detchment special rules.

As long as you're careful I'd say this list has a great chance of winning against the forementioned Beastmen army.