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22-06-2008, 01:31
I've retired my Lizardmen until the new army book (and I know my Southlands list will be made completely illegal anyway) so I'm working on a new fantasy army - Bretonnians. I've already bought two boxes of Knights, a BSB and a lord, and have a lucrezzia belladonna I can use as a damsel. However before I start buying more stuff I need to sort out what goes in my list, and I want a general all comers list to take against anyone, and my first attempt is below.

Lord - barded warhorse, virtue of confidence, lance of artois, gauntlet of the duel, enchanted shield.

BSB - barded warhorse, virtue of duty, questing vow, war banner

Paladin - barded warhorse, virtue of discipline, questing vow, birth sword of carcassonne, shield

Damsel lvl 2 - barded warhorse, two dispel scrolls

Damsel lvl 2 - barded warhorse, staff of sorcery

8 Knights Errant FC, Errantry banner

8 KotR FC

7 Questing Knights FC, banner of defence

25 Men-at-Arms FC

17 Skirmishing archers

10 Archer

5 Mounted Yeomen SB, mus, shields


For a total of 2001 points.

What do people think for an all comers list? Do I have one damsel too many? Would I be better with another unit fo men-at-arms?

And what should be changed if I am fighting VCs?

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 12:44
hey im thinking about collecting a bretonian army! and the army u have taken isnt very balanced which is the key to play against "all comers" The heros you have taken seem good with the two scrolls n stuff. One thing i would strongly recommend is 8 - 10 grail knight where your lord BsB and one of your damsels (who can sit in the middle should go!) this is giving you in my opinion the best unit in the game on the charge with 7 attacks from your heros at s7 and 12 s6 or 5 (cant remember) from the grail knights nothing will survive it plus if you give them a war banner you get 2cr from the grails banner and 2 from your BsB and 2 ranks thats 6cr without your mob of hard men killing anything! and with the damsel in the middle she is giving them mr (1) and id do anything to stop my opponets hitting them with magic! So hoped that helped msg if you have anymore questions!