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22-06-2008, 02:49
Since I couldn't get this questioned answered on this forum, I answered it myself. ;)

The question was, how does artillery work in 5th edition?

Apparently it works as it does now, but there's a minor (but welcome) change. Now any crew who are not firing a big gun can shoot their own small arms at a separate target.

The other change is that the big guns are now easier to hit. In 4th ed., there was a 33.3% chance of hitting a gun, and a 66.6% chance of hitting a crew member. Now the chart is flipped around, so it's a 66.6% chance of hitting a gun, and a 33.3% chance of hitting a crew member...

...which makes sense, since the guns are obviously bigger targets. However, this raises another question. If TLOS can be drawn only to one or the other (big gun or crew), can the entire unit be hit, as per the new targeting rules? Or would you literally hit either one or the other? :confused:

big squig
22-06-2008, 04:25
No, the biggest biggest change is that guns can make use of cover. In 4th ed, they could be obscured, but since glancing hits auto-killed guns, it didn't much matter.

So now you can put your artillery (all two units of them in the game) in cover and expect them to live past turn one.