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Disciple of Caliban
22-06-2008, 16:48
Ok, first things first, this list isnt really intended to be too competitive, its gonna be my first serious attempt at a well painted/converted army, as opposed to just speed painting to get it on the table (good painting just isnt an option with the army i've been working with recently, orcs + gobbos, or a space marine company).

The only thing i'm really looking for advice on is if i should include other Daemons, or go exclusively for Khorne, more concerned with the visual impact this will have on the army rather than any competitive edge. So, here it is, the bits that are definately in:

Skarbrand (love the story, and have a pretty solid plan for a conversion, dont really like the rules, but i'll live).
Herald (no jugger, like the rules, but the conversion simply wouldnt work with the model i want as the base, maybe in a chariot, but obviously that negates the locus rule, though with Skarbrand around that neednt be a worry).

2 * 15 Bloodletters, full command

2 * 5 flesh hounds (love the rules for these guys, and while i hate the newest set of models there is an easy way around that, also their huge cost keeps the model count down)

OK, things i'm considering adding with the remaining points (roughly 500, dont have the book to hand):

2*5 flesh hounds + herald on jugger (the 'direct only' model, quite like that)

Skulltaker (possibly on jugger?) + bloodcrushers

The Masque + 2 units of Daemonettes (or maybe 1 each of daemonettes and seekers?)

That about covers it i think, any thoughts?

22-06-2008, 19:44
The masque can not run inside any units.

It's hard to give advice as you are not in the market for a competive list.

22-06-2008, 20:02
wheres the magic man a good high elve armie will tear you up!!!!!

23-06-2008, 07:41
If you are going 2000 you are going to need another unit of bloodletters.

Disciple of Caliban
23-06-2008, 19:26
If you are going 2000 you are going to need another unit of bloodletters.

Good call, not sure how i managed to over look that, definately needs another core unit, which has me leaning towards the daemonette route.