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22-06-2008, 16:31
well hear is the list i will give a quick discripton of each things role then discribe the army as a hoel at the end

Noble with 193pts
eagle, dragon armour, enchant shield, raver bow, lance

this guy is there to do lots of roles in the army, he is there to hunt down warmachine's, small squads, shoot anything nasty and flank charge any units that leave there flanks open.

mage with lvl 1 230pts
trionic chariot, dispel scroll, guardian pheonix

this mage is there to get the flank chages in were he can and i will mainly be using him eather to cast drain magic or a nice magic missle

mage with lvl 2 185pts
seer staff, dispel scroll

this guy is going to sit back with my archers and repeater bolt throwers and use seerstaff to get curse of arrow atraction every game to decimate the most dangerus unit each turn and the other spell will very upon my enamy

10 archers 115pts

bothe archer units are hear becus i have to have some core and they will shoot the unit that has been cursed

10 archers 115pts

5 ellyrian reavers 112pts
musician, bows, spear

these squads will haras the enamy and try to get a combinde charge with eather a chariot or dragon prince uint

5 ellyrian reavers112pts
musician, bows, spear

5 dragon prince 225pts
full command, lion banner

this unit will move up flanks to get charges on exposed units or hammer the front of a unit so a chariot can hit the flank

5 dragon prince 225pts
full command ellyrian banner, gem of courage

this unit is there to take down the enamys elete infentry as they wont run away that often and will hopfully have the suport of the reavers or a chariot unit

lion chariot 140pts

bothe of theas chariot are goign to pound the enamy head on or wear ever is exposed and hopfully i will get a few flank charges

lion chariot 140pts

repeater bolt 100pts

i have the bolt throwers becus they are just so effectiv and with curse of arrow atraction i will get a stupid amount of hits

repeater bolt 100pts


so the basic stratagey is to compleatly out manover my oponant and hammer the tough squads with missle fire, so any coments on how to improve the list or on the tactics

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 17:24
i like the army list m8 and the noble on the eagle is quite a good idea but remember if you fly him up the table he'll be so vunrable for shooting n stuff! because you have gone for the lion chariots n dragon princes you dont have the high elve infantry which benifits the most from the always strikes first rule as they can take charges from other infantry! No swordmasters or pheonix guard! your asking for trouble when your playing an army with like 80 infantry or more! this type of army list would of been kl for the old book. And you havnt maxed out on your magic you need at least two level 2s and one with the ring of fury! if you take him out the chariot you can make it a lv2. Also i see your taking one unit of reavers. If you want to get the most out of them then i would get another unit so you have one for each flank! Ive been playin high elves for a good 18 months so if you want anymore advice then message me!

22-06-2008, 17:58
thx for the advice, i do have 2 units of reavers there just split up bye the writing, so would you sujest more of an infentry based army.
aslo the armys im goner be fighting mainly are vc and deamons, any advice

22-06-2008, 17:59
Arch mage 350
the seerstaff, folariaths robe, dispell scroll lvl 4

mage 165
dispel scroll, silverwand , lvl 2

prince 155
enchanted sheild, starlance, dragon armor, barded steed

10 lothen sea guard130

10 lothen sea guard130

15 white lions 280
comand, lion banner

15 pheonix guard 255

5 dragon princes 215
comand, banner of ellerion

repeater 100

repeater 100

egal 50

egal 50

this was the more foot solder based army i came up with

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 21:11
yh the new one is good because it focuses on one of the high elves biggest strengths! its magic. heres one of mine which one me 4 or 5 games a few weeks ago.

Barded steed
heavey armour
ring of fury (awsome!)

Lv 2 Mage
Seer staff (use Curse of arrows and any other one u feel would work)

Lv 2 Mage
jewl of dusk (+1 power dice)


20 spearmen
Full command

20 spearmen
Full command

10 Archers


15 Swordmaters
Full command
Banner of Sorcery (+D3 Powe dice ouch!)
Champ with Gem of corage

5 Dragon Princes
Full Command
Lion standard
Champ with Dragon horn

5 Reavers with bows
Musician (they make great bate unit)

5 Reavers with Bows

2 Bolt Throwers 200

so you have 55 infantry to sit next your bolt throwers! Anyone who wants to get in combat with them will be getting hit by the 2 mages and the bolt throwers and hopefully some ranks will be shaved off. This means your swordmasters and 40 spearmen will be able to do the damage! (let your opponent come to you and charge you as you can strike first!

The cavalry goes up the field trying to get behind the enemys combat infantry and to try and get rid of some gunfire or war machines!

Hope that helped!

22-06-2008, 21:55
thx alot wal5hy you have been a big help, do the reavers have spears to and against vc is that enough anti magic

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 22:15
umm its not taylored i never taylor an army list to play my opponent its just not fair! and unfortunatly i havnt played vampires scince the update but hope to as i have nearly finished school! and now i will be playing more veterans so hopefully i can find somebody who will be able to beat me! As i feel you can learn so much about your army when u loose! and scince the update im unbeaten but sorry i wouldnt know how to go about playing a count army! but if you want more advice then message me! btw what GW do you play at??????? plz reply