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22-06-2008, 18:14
Hi all,

Please could you guys give me feedback on what you think about this list. I have tested it out against Lizzards and Chaos Mortals and it holds its own. Just wanted to get feedback on what others think.


2250 Pts - Tomb Kings Roster - The Kings Dragon 2250 V0.3

Tomb King @ 313 Pts
Flail of Skulls; Collar of Shapesh; Chariot of Fire.

Tomb Prince @ 152 Pts
Light Armour; Sword of Battle; Enchanted Shield; Vambraces of the Sun.

Liche Priest @ 160 Pts
Hierophant; Hand Weapon; Hieratic Jar; Cloak of the Dunes.

Liche Priest @ 330 Pts
Hand Weapon; Casket of Souls; 2x Dispel Scrolls

1 Tomb Swarm @ 45 Pts

3 Chariots @ 220 Pts (Kings Unit)
Full CMD; Icon of the Sacred Eye.

3 Chariots @ 160 Pts
Standard Bearer; Champion

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 250 Pts
Full Command; Spear & Shield; Light Armour; Banner of the Undying Legion.

24 Tomb Guard @ 358 Pts (Princes Unit)
Full Command; Icon of Rakaph.

Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

Screaming Skull Catapult @ 90 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 2248

22-06-2008, 19:46
I like it, but its pretty standard for a tomb kings army. The tomb prince has an interesting build. Do you find the 4+ armour save really makes a big difference? I would take a greatsword and the vambraces (or add in the armour of ages for even more protection)

23-06-2008, 15:30
This is just me...

TK's is magic all or nothing, so I'd drop the prince and get another LP with a bound spell item.

Too many points (400+) in a "fighty" unit that can be easily taunted away from battle or just be avoided.

I'd bring in some archers to keep in the rearguard, protecting my priests and the catapult.

W A L 5 H Y
23-06-2008, 16:30
2250 tournement thats a bit random for a tourney isnt it?? I thought it would be a round figure like 2000 or 2500 but the army looks kl are you taking enough skelitons as there great for holding up things! then your chariots can hit the enemy in the flank!!!! a classic TK tactic!

23-06-2008, 21:59
I think a better build for the prince would be GW, VotS, Armour of the Ages
Also drop the TG-unit down to 20 and raise skille-unit to 25. Drop all musicians and the swarm and bring an extra ctapult. That will really hurt.

As for playing with this list I would keep the TG-unit centered and the kings unit close to the catapults at first. One scorp at least should not be burried but instead protect the catapults.

Acrhers are good but I like your list since it's a little more elite and head on strong. This way TK's really are fun and competative to play.

Be Afraid
23-06-2008, 22:21
What Rattle' said about everything ^^. With the possible exeption of, i'd drop the prince for priest with a bound, too make sure you are getting off your charges. Also, does the chariot unit that hasnt got king really need champion ?

24-06-2008, 00:09
I disagree about dropping the musicians alltogether. Sure they're not helping your rallying but the difference between winning a combat and losing it (even by just one) with an army that is universally Fear-causing is too huge to skimp out on musicians for.

You could shave some points off the chariot units though. The one with the King in could do without musician. I'd keep the champion because of its use as a challenge buffer.

On the second chariot unit I'd drop all the command except icon. The champion is too expensive and the unit will typically either win or lose to such extremes that you don't need a tiebreaker musician. I'd get another chariot instead. I find three to be just a bit too little, while four is just right.

With two scorpions I don't see what you need a lone swarm for. They can be good to take out certain war machines with, because you can't kill two swarm bases with a single cannon shot. You can safely ditch them if you need to free up points, or alternativly bump them up to two bases.

I'm not a fan of spears on skeletons, so you can safely drop those as well if you need the points. However, I disagree about altering their size. 25 skeletons are just as incapable as 20 to win a fight, because they do sod-all damage. The moment they start to win, it will be because you'll have something else in the combat capable of doing damage, and their combined US is pretty much guaranteed to be sufficient for what you need. The only reason to go above 20 in a regiment is for redundancy and outnumber. Outnumber we've covered, and you don't need redundancy because you can raise your losses if needed.

The same goes for the tomb guard. I find it hard to win battles with them without help, and because each model is so expensive, I started running them in a block of 20. Never looked back.

And I agree there's better setups for the prince, but that's too individual to begin citing examples about.

All in all I like the list though. The above comments are mainly just nitpicking. Go with what you're comfortable with.