View Full Version : 3 Necromancer list. Can it work? (2k)

22-06-2008, 19:27
Vampire Lord, Lvl 3, Dread Knight, Summon Ghouls, Master of the Dark arts, Wallach`s Bloody Hauberk, Sword of Might, Power Stone . 425 points

Necromancer, Corpse Cart with Loadstone, Scroll, Sceptre of Noiroit, Raise Dead. 205 points

Necromancer, Corpse with Balefire, Book of Arkhan, Incantation of Nehek. 190 points.

Necromancer, Black periapt, Power Stone, Danse Macabre 90 points

910 points. 10 power dice, 7 dispel dice, 1 scroll, 3 bound, 1 stone.

10 ghouls 80

15 ghouls 120

16 ghouls 128

24 ghouls, ghast. 200 points.

Black Coach 200

5 Fell Bats 100

5 Fell Bats 100

5 Black knights 120

5 Direwolves 40

1080 points

1998 points.

The Lord goes in the big ghouls. One block of ghouls goes on either side of his unit with the corpse cart and the smallest ghoul unit (a bunker unit for the necromancer on foot) go behind. The knights and coach protect the flanks and the bats are there for war machines and to chase down fleeing enemies. I thought about trading the knights and direwolves and 2 ghouls for a Varghulf, I`m not sure which would be better. Any suggestions?