View Full Version : 5th Edition covers urban combat rules now??

22-06-2008, 20:04
According to this preview page - "detailed rules to detail fighting in buildings and ruins, and cover playing a greater part than ever before"


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22-06-2008, 20:09
yes it does

22-06-2008, 20:21
As in everything in Cities of Death will either be included in 5th edition or become obselete?

22-06-2008, 20:22
As in there are rules for movement and blast weapons in ruins, and unruined building that can become ruins.

None of the missions or stratagems from CoD are included.

22-06-2008, 20:34
Yes on page 79 it tells the reader of how terrain (buildings) can be destroyed.

I'm not shure on the other stuff though...

22-06-2008, 21:56
The book includes the movement, coherency, template, and close combat rules from CoD. Strategems and special missions are not included. Basically, it adopts the stance that most players did instinctively- that the COD rules were the obvious way to handle ruins, and they should be applied constantly. There are also rules for intact buildings, that treat them as immobile vehicles that can be blasted into ruins. After a few games with them, I suspect a lot of folks will be wanting to build some bunkers, they're really interesting to play with.

22-06-2008, 22:54
And I reckon the 5th edition cover rules will make things more interesting for CoD combat?

23-06-2008, 03:53
I think True Line of Sight will apply, so you'll get cover in the windows of the Basilica Administratum and the Sanctum Imperialis. The Manufactorum tiles will block line of sight in most cases. :skull: :chrome:

23-06-2008, 03:59
Being a CoD advocate, I enjoy and support these things :D
That being said, it makes sense that they used a lot of the CoD rules for 5th ed. A lot of them made things quick, sweet, and oh so very brutal.