View Full Version : 1k Tomb kings first time vs Ogres!

22-06-2008, 22:19
Hi, I'm playing a 1k game tomorrow against my friends ogres.
He will be using something like this:

6 Bulls
2-4 leadbealchers
1 gorgerer

I was thinking something like this:

Tomb Prince, Chariot, CoS, Flail

Lichie Priest, Jar
- Casket of Souls

Lichie Priest, CotD

3 Chariots, Standard

2 x 10 Archers


The intention is to bring him to me with missle fire and magic then finish him off him with magic charge chariots and TS.
Never faced Ogres before so I don't know if this is the way to go. I know it's very character heavy but thats what TK's are all about right? :P

Thx for any advise on list and tacs!

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 22:23
how about giving the prince a chariot of fire? Just a thought you'll need those extra impact hits against the ogre and maybe just a great weapon i mean he'll still be s6 3a

Casket of souls in 1000pts lol yh just shoot him n stuff!

22-06-2008, 23:23
I thought that too but it's hard to find the points for the CoF..
But is this tactic really the way to go? If i don't manage to shoot him out he'll destroy my week archers and casket easy!

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 23:49
how about going for a combat game? take a ushabti unit or put a bone giant in for fun! whys it only a 1000pts if you are friends then surely you should have a good 2000pts game it will be more fun!! cz tomb kings rarely win any small point game! it is only in 2000pts where tomb kings come into there element! with blocks of skeletons a mentally hard tomb king leading some chariots! and a bone giant moving up with like 80 warrior with shield and HW and some tomb guard! there so kl to use in big games!!!!!

22-06-2008, 23:55
I thought that too but it's hard to find the points for the CoF..

Apart from the thing that you actually have a flaming chariot with a Flammable rider... :|

Go for the casket, 200%. You need something to block him long enough.
Wait... how do you manage to have Casket of Souls AND a Chariot? :| Is that even legal?

23-06-2008, 00:16
Sure, Casket is rare, chariots are special, no problem with the rules.
Perhaps some swarms can come in handy to put in front of the casket? Swap one unit of archers for 2 swarms to take the first hit, though 2 swarms may be too weak and I can't afford any more..

Ogres have standard ld 7 right? With some luck, the casket may do enough dmg to him before he reaches it? And when he gets there, my chariots will be thrown in to him with magic (perhaps save jar for this??) It might just work but is very risky..

An all combat list could work but my units are so expensive to be any good in a 1k game.. I need the points for my caracters imo..

23-06-2008, 15:12
I'd ditch the CoS and take the Skull Launcher with Skulls of Foe. Hit and wound any ogre unit and it'll be checking on -1Ld (usually 6). That would be very disruptive to his plans.

Be aware if he takes a gorger, have something near the catapult (or the CoS) to protect it, An archer unit maybe well suited for the task.

Chariots may be really good against Ogres, IMHO the fatties bigger advantage is on charging, so anything fast that denies charges, do impact hits and cause few wounds on them is good against them.

23-06-2008, 15:22
As for being a small battle for TK's, sure it is.

You'll have a hard time beating anyone in small battles when playing TK's. In my experience, I have drawn too many battles when playing TK's under 2K.

But also, small games are fun, I like them a lot, and are the best way to learn the game without making it too long and tiring (when you are getting started in the hobby he battles are usually lengthy, since you have to check back rules and think a lot more about what to do while in-game).

Also, being able to manage your army in small games is paramount to be a successful general. Most of the battles over 2K points end up being 1k battles after turn 4 or 5 ;)