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uh - thats not alot of information. Plus all caps makes baby santa cry - you should check the posting rule.

My best advice is to take a gander at the daemon tactica, which happens to be on the front page


it includes some khorne/slaanesh combo tactics.

23-06-2008, 10:44
Take skull taker
Take hounds
Take fiends.

ALl the advice you need :P

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As a side note, is there a larger pic of your avatar? It looks awesome.

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ello mate my advise is dont take slaanesh if its your first armie list imo khorne and tzeentch are the best combo but if your set on takin slaanesh and khone dont bother taking bloodcrushers take some seekers of slaanesh absolutly brilliant and a bloodthirster with (imortal fury, armour of khorne and maybe firestorm blade) for 515 pts pure combat gold!!!!!
hope that gave you a few ideas

23-06-2008, 20:43
cheeko is right about the seekers, although bloodcrushers can be brilliant against some armies, for instance if your playing skaven, you will want seekers for their fast movement and they still have a good deal of attacks, strength really doesnt matter against weak foes such as skaven, so bloodcrusher are pretty lame. Also the seekers are half the points. BUT, if your playing an army such as vampire counts or empire where they will most probably have a unit of cavalry with very good armour saves then its bloodcrushers all the way. as well as their very high strength which depletes the enemies armour save, they also have the added bonus of killing blow, which will be very handy against tough/ armoured enemies. A bloodthirster is good fun, brilliant combatant, and is cheaper than the other GD, but you could also look into a keeper of secrets for your general, they cannot fly but have very high movement, a good number of attacks and always go first so can take a charge from even the most powerful unit, they can also be very potent spell-casters in addition to their combat strengh, but will cost you a fair few points. Also whats not to say you go for a prince? you can combine gifts of their own with that of their patron and make a very useful general, applying to your desires, such as a mighty warrior of khorne, a sorcerous but very powerful slaanesh prince too. Really to get to know what you want in your army you will need to try out a number of different tactics, enemies, units and characters, then just choose which you favour the most.

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24-06-2008, 04:08
any other idea against orcs with lots lines of black orcs and grimgor?

bloodcrushers with herald maybe?

tks for the couchinī!!!!

24-06-2008, 11:20
im gonna play slaanesh/khorne/nurgle all togethor. heralds can help but if you take a slaanesh herald in daemonettes give the unit the siren banner. take fiends and flesh hounds although bloodcrushers are nice especially when led by a herald/skulltaker.

a greater daemon is not neccesary at 2k but if you want take one.

24-06-2008, 13:12
any other idea against orcs with lots lines of black orcs and grimgor?

bloodcrushers with herald maybe?

tks for the couchinī!!!!

Keeper or Thirster w Obsidian armour will both make a mess of grimgor. You can use Beasts of Slaanesh or Bloodhounds to charge his unit in the flank. You could conceivably send a unit of Bloodletters at his front if you also have Bloodhounds or Fiends in the side, so as to give you outnumber+fear (unless he is immune to that of course). If you do so you may want to challenge with the champ to reduce casualties.

You could pelt his unit to oblivion w Tzeench daemon ranged stuff. Just don't send a herald at him coz it will die before it gets to do anything.

24-06-2008, 14:02
Against Grimgor's boyz I'd have a Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught with a Standard of +d3 combat resolution + Armour of Khorne / Obsidian Armour... 0+ armour save and 5+ ward should have the banner survive any coming attacks, at least in the flank where Grimgor *probably* isn't lurking. Combined with some rank-canceling, you should be winning almost easily as long as you're not feeding Grimgor.

I'd be wary of sending Slaaneshi flankers due to the black orcs being dead 'ard... though I guess both fiends and seekers would do a fine job. Would be funs. That is if you can manage such a manouver. The best flanker? A Bloodthirster. It blends everything.

vinny t
24-06-2008, 14:25
Grimgor's nasty because he ASF so Obsidion Armor on Khorne suicide hearld on him will rock. You could also do the Obsidion Armor, Fury, Firestorm Blade tactic on him.
7 attacks WS 10 S 7 with hatred
Bye bye grimgore