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23-06-2008, 10:53
This was my fourth game of the campaign running at my shop. I was up against a heathen Empire army that had strayed from the true path of Sigmar and needed whipping back in line!

The campaign rules for this week were 1999pts, so no Arch Lector for either of us. In many ways, I had no problem with this as my opponent would have taken one as well. We both had two cannons to take out each otherís Altars and so they would have probably spent all game cowering behind hills.

His army,
Warrior Priest on horseback, no items as far as I knew
2 Level 2s with rod of power and two scrolls
11 knights with full command
6 knights with full command and warbanner
Steam tank
2 great cannons
2 x 10 archers
10 xbows
10 handgunners
10 outriders

My army,
Warrior priest with orb of thunder and bronze shield
2 Level 2s with staff of sorcery, dispel scroll and luckstone
2 x 28 flagellants with prophets
21 free company with full command
15 free company with full command
2 x 10 xbows with 2 x 5 archers and 2 x 5 free company detachments
2 Great cannons
6 Inner Circle Knights Panther with full command and warbanner

Pre-game thoughts,
His army was a bit shootier than mine, my knights in particular were in danger from all the AP weapons. Fortunately my cannons would be ideal for neutralising his tank but theyíd also be threatened by the enemy cannons. What I felt confident about was the number of combat units between the armies. I had 5 main units for fighting in hand to hand whereas he only had 3 so if I could just weather the missile fireÖ

Set up,



He set up his wizards in the archer units and the priest in the big knight unit. My characters were here and there, their location didnít make an impact on the game. Set up was interesting as we both had significantly vulnerable units. I went for my cannons on each flank to threaten flank shots across his knights. I also wanted one hidden from his cannons so that the tank couldnít move too freely as there wouldnít be much for him to take that one out with. One area where I Ďgot doneí in set up was going for a sort of refused flank for my infantry. Unfortunately the small knight unit was perhaps capable of holding up the left flagellant block all on its own so would require the support of the nearby militia to bail out. This would take both units out of the game however so was not ideal.

Nothing much happened in our magic phases throughout. I managed to miscast 3 times, we drew each others scrolls, but no spells were cast that had a significant influence on the game so I wonít mention it again.

Turn 1,
I won the roll and elected to take it to try and get a head start in cannon killing primarily. Everything pushed forwards except the knights who stayed out of handgunner range. My left cannon guessed woefully short of the enemy hill (diagonal shots are hard!) and the other had moved over to the right to get a looksee at the tank. Xbows didnít kill much.

In his turn, the left knights advanced a little, the tank moved up to the edge of the forest (out of sight of right cannon), both archer units advanced forwards and so did the outriders. In shooting, his cannons fired mercifully short and long of mine on the left.

Turn 2,
I pushed forwards again, at full speed on the left and slowed in the middle to allow my units on the left a chance to get closer to the action before combat began. My knights hid on the left side of the forest out of sight of the outriders but didnít leave my deployment zone. My left-most flagellants moved to give the 6 knights no option but to charge them. In the shooting phase, the right cannon killed an outrider and the xbows killed one of the 11 knights. In the most important shot of the game, my left cannon hit the steam tank! Wounded the steam tank! And dealt one wound to the steam tank. Drat.

In his turn, our armies finally engaged in Mortal Kombat. The 6 knight unit charged the flagellants and both archer units charged each of my archer detachments to partake in some bow dueling. My archers in the centre (just to the right of all my infantry blocks, who at this point had roughly reached 24Ē in) held and the archers on the right (in the wood) fled. The rest of movement wasnít too eventful. The cannons opened up on mine again and this time destroyed it, the steam tank missed with its cannon and the other shooting did some damage here and there. Against the knights, the flagellants couldnít see any other combat coming their way so thought theyíd make the most of it and performed gruesome fatalities on two of themselves. Unused to such self inflicted and gory displays, the knights and even their horses whiffed their attacks. 8 or so wounds and 4 failed saves later the knights were running. These flagellants spent the rest of the game chasing the knights off the table and didnít play any other part. In the epic archer face off the bow swingers failed to wound each other except the enemy wizard who wasnít used to having his behind bopped by a bow so lost a wound. The combat was drawn due to outnumbering.

Turn 3,
In my turn only one charge was declared, a militia detachment on the archer Kombat. Everything else moved forwards a little, wary of the tank and big knight block. Shooting maybe killed a knight or two. In Kombat, the militia whiffed, my archers whiffed, and his archers whiffed, nobody was going anywhere which was frustrating our proper combat units who wanted to get some meaningful fighting going.

In his turn, the tank charged the flank of the engaged free company - well that should break the deadlock I thought. The 11 knights charged my 15 free company + priest who fled out of range. The outriders moved back round the top of the forest to get a look at my knights. The fleeing archers + wizard rallied. The tank crushed the free company in combat and my archers were autobroken. His archers pursued into my right flagellant block.

Turn 4,
My knights charged the archers + wizard near the forest, the free company rallied and the unit of 21 free company advanced a little. In combat, the knights broke the archers but didnít kill the wizard, neither did they pursue for fear of engaging the tank. The flagellants chose not to martyr against the archers so that thereíd be some left once the dust had settled. This was the case and when the remaining archers fled, the flagellants pursued into the big knight block.

In his turn, the tank charged the flank of the knight - flagellant combat. Both archer units failed to rally and this panicked the outriders off the board! Thanks goodness, as they had been in short range of my knights. While as a fellow Empire player I felt sympathy for this, at the same time Iíve had things like it happen to me so many times I couldnít suppress a smile :). In combat, the impact hits of the tank couldnít stop the flagellants killing a few knights including the general.

Turn 5,
My 21 free company charged the left corner of the knight unit and my knights also charged on their other side in the flank (being careful not to engage the tank as well). With the tank uninvolved this turn his knights had no hope and fled. My knights and free company pursued and caught them while the flagellants were pinned by the tank. This pretty much wrapped up the game as my units from here on cleaned up most of what was left of the shooty units at the back. The tank eventually ground down the flagellant unit it was engaged with but was pretty much the only thing left along with the two cannons on the hill. Victory!

A pretty even game where I think my luck slightly outdid his. I could have been luckier with my cannon against the tank though and had that happened Iím not sure anything could have stopped the flagellants. As I said earlier, combat is where you need to take out so many unbreakable models but his army just didnít have enough units to fight with. Also, his use of his archer + wizard screens wasn't that effective as it led to the loss of both wizards, the panic had a big impact, and it didn't stop my units charging where they needed to. This is why I rate having mini detachments so highly as they avoid the drawbacks of using proper units to do screening/diverting duty.

Played against Thorek with my beasts last night and those of you who canít stand him will be pleased to know my giant jumped up and down on him until he was no more! I hadnít prewritten my list but was quite fortunate in that I had a fast moving 12 unit army so wrath and ruin couldnít stop everything in my army engaging from turn two onwards. While this is (albeit scant) evidence that Thorek isnít too bad, I beseech any dwarf players reading this to avoid him at all costs! The game was, I move, he shoots, I charge, he shoots with less, I charge again and his units autobreak from being engaged by about 3 of my units at once. Quite satisfying (winning always is :D) but not much of a game, all he did was literally just set up then roll dice.

23-06-2008, 16:04
Empire vs empire, always a good game. Those flagelants are the perfect answer for the stank : )

24-06-2008, 06:12
It seems your flagellants do remarkable well in combat, and its nice to see you haven't resorted to the single line with prophet nonsense. Do you use their fanatic rule much? (not sure if that's the name, where they have a chance of dying to gain combat bonuses)

24-06-2008, 18:01
Thanks for the replies,

Yes I always use the marytyr rule when I won't be losing most of my front rank before I attack. I deploy them 7x4 (and 7x3 for my 21 unit) so I get 15 Ws2 Str5 attacks on the charge. If I manage to martyr at least two they get rerolls on hits and wounds so against Ws2/3/4 T4 enemies that averages to about 10 wounds inflicted on a -2 save. I have had combats where more than 10 enemies have died in one go.

Not a lot hits that hard, things like 5 flesh hounds or dragon princes can do a maximum of 10 wounds before they've rolled any dice. (Average of 4.5 wounds before saves against the above stats, obviously making the immensely flawed assumption that the DP's horses won't score any wounds ;))

Now unfortunately if the flagellants get charged it's a different story...

25-06-2008, 08:49
nice going, clogging the wheels of a tank with religious fanatics is a time honoured tactic!

Enjoyable matchup, and I wholeheartedly agree with you on the screening, thats what detachments are for.