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23-06-2008, 17:15
I have just started my new dwarf army and I'm stumped ( pardon the pun).
On what character to use as my last hero choise for my army. To give u a hand on helping me figure this one out here is my army so far;

Dwarf Lord

Thane BSB

Rune smith

20 Thunders

20 Qurralers

20 Warriors

20 Long Beaders

20 Miners


Organ gun

This is just a simple example so I didnt add the Runes etc. Any advice on new units will also be great. :D

23-06-2008, 18:22
i would take the thunders and qurrallers down to 10 men, eather 1 squad of each at 10 and then spend points eles wear or 2 squads of each at 10 men, unless you have a plan for the 20 men that requiars alot of staying power,
miners are better in smaller squads to, as if you dont make it into combat then its less wasted, also you will probably be using them to make flank charges and march block and in this role you really dont need meany miners, lots of people use 8-9
the lord probably wont see much action as people will see ur lord and avoid him all game unless they get an easy flank charge a thane would be just as good at your leader role.
if you feal you need another charictor (i dotn think you do) then i would sujest a runesmith as they are solid combat troops but will give an extra dispell dice.
with any spear points i would sujest getting 2 bolt throwers, one with rune of penertrating and one with rune of burning and maybe a rune of penatrating on that one to as they will kill chariots and are cheep.
then with any othere points if you want to go combat oriented i would say you want a big unit of hammer's and mybe strolzarrs rune on ur bsb and a gyrocopter. if your going more shooting oriented then you want a unit of slayers for flank guarding and just more artillary, its often sead that 2 orgen guns and 2 bt will be enough artilary.
thats all i have to say lol
if you need any more help then this is a good forum. http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/

23-06-2008, 20:41
I like the idear of breaking the miners in to small squads. the plan with the Thunders and Qurrallers is not just to use them as shooting but give them hand weapons and sheild so i can make squads of 20 and acttly have pushing power with them in case I get charged. This might be a little crazy but i would like to try it the idear at least once, The Bolt throwers sound wicked, OK Ermm hammers I don't get the love for hammers, but the help and all the information has given me somthing to thing about. Cheers man :)

Dwarf Runelord 45
25-06-2008, 04:13
Depends on your strategy but I'd take a flame Cannon if you can because its nasty if people are close to your line and foom causes a panic test just by hitting the unit nasty for Skaven, WE, and O&G. And a Rune Smith is a good idea in 2k now with all the uber magic armies out there but, if you know that your opponent doesnt use much magic trade it for a double bolts with engineers, in one shot they make up for their points. About 80% of the time,

25-06-2008, 17:35
I would definately go with smaller units i usually run my thunderes in units of 12 but thats probab ly jsut me but i would realy break down the warriors and longbeards into squads of 10 the give me more units. One other thing definately give your thane or lord an oathstone it is great if you are facing a force of light cavalry or anything that might have a chance of flanking your dwarves this way you'll staand and fight pretty much no matter what. As a next step to your army i would recomend irobreakers who are pretty much can stand and take whatever is dished out to them.

That Guy
25-06-2008, 18:01
You lack credible flank protection (apart from the Organ Gun, if you place it there). I consider at least one unit of Slayers or Hammerers to be absolutely essential.

Also, if you feel you must have an additional hero, get a Dragon Slayer. For 50 pts you get T 5 and Unbreakable. I use him to protect against fliers getting behind my lines. He's held up a 6 man unit of Pegasus Knights for 3 full turns. He's wiped out Great Eagles, Harpies, and Furies. Absolutely wonderful.

I also agree with most of what has already been said. 20 is almost always too many for a missile unit and Miners.

Dead Man Walking
26-06-2008, 12:05
You dont need any more heroes, if you really think you do though go with another runesmith. Get more artillery (bolt throwers with runes of penetrating and unit champ)