View Full Version : Tzeenchian Champ. in a Marauder horsemen unit?

26-10-2005, 01:45
I was thinking of making one or two units of this for a mounted Tzeenchian HoC army:

Aspiring Champ. of Tzeench= Mark of Tzeench, Barded Chaos Steed,(cheap magic weapon maybe)

7-9 Marauder Horsemen= Musician, Chieftain, Flails, Throwing axes, Shields

My hope is that this unit can be an effective shooting unit (magic plus throwing axes) and a decent combat unit rolled into one.

I know it is frail, but its also fast, versatile and at times the champ will get Yellow fire for some extra protection. Used in an army with hounds to screen and Knights to be a scary distraction I think it might work. Is this wishful thinking? Has anyone tried this or seen it work?

26-10-2005, 02:43
My immediate problem with it is that the barded steed slows down the unit.

26-10-2005, 02:53
My immediate problem with it is that the barded steed slows down the unit.
I would still think it would be an acceptable trade off for all you get. You just couldn't use them the way most people use Marauder horsemen. No longer a "sacrificial" unit.

26-10-2005, 10:38
I'd say panic would destroy that unit. It would be extrenmely easy to force a panic check with for example shooting (even bowfire would make a sizeable dent in that unit) and Ld8 with no re-roll is very dicey. Trust me, I've played Tzeentch for a long time. Pschology is almost ALWAYS my undoing.

But in theory, yes, characters in fast cavalry units are scary. Versus an army with less capability to reach out and touch it with ranged attacks, it can be very effectice. A good old Dogs of War tactic is to put a captain with a lance/great weapon on a horse with 5-6 light cavalry. Voila - you suddenly have a very mobile unit that can strike at enemie's flanks, with a capable combat character in the unit (3 S5 WS5 attacks extra - that's usually 1-2 extra in CR).

It's the mobility that makes it worth it. I don't know about the throwing axes, they can be useful but calling that an "effective shooting unit" might be stretching it. Yellow fire isn't all that powerful, since it is easily dispelled by your opponent in his own magic phase (which comes before shooting, handily enough). Now I think Yellow and Orange fire shouldn't be RIP spells, they should just last one round, period. But that's another matter...

30-10-2005, 22:51
Plus you wouldn't get a rank bonus for the unit because its fast cavalry.

I run a tzeentch cavalry army for years. Psychology is the bane of the army.