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23-06-2008, 19:28
Alright, here is my first attempt at writing a vampire list. Tell me what you think. Here is the plan: Mannfred runs around with the blood knights causing havoc, while the crypt ghouls advance up on far flanks. Vampires join Grave guard and move up middle field 16 inches a turn courtesy the danse. Skellie warriors watch their backs/act as tarpits. Black knights go warmachine hunting.

Mannfred von Carstein---535 Points
Black Periapt
Sceptre de Noirot
Barded Nightmare

Vampire---180 Points
Dark Acolyte
Book of Arkhan
Lord of the Dead

Vampire---180 Points
Forbidden Lore
Helm of Commandment
The Cadaverous Cuirass

10x Crypt Ghouls---80 Points

10x Crypt Ghouls---80 Points

Skeleton Warriors---92 Points
10x Skeletons
Standard Bearer

Grave Guard---183 Points
10x Grave Guard
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Barrows

Grave Guard---173 Points
10x Grave Guard
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Dead legion

Black Knights---171 Points
5x Black Knights
Standard Bearer
Royal Standard of Strigos

Blood Knights---325 Points
4x Blood Knights
Standard Bearer
Flag of the Blood Keep

23-06-2008, 19:35
You can't have two Books of Arkhan, nor two Banner of the Barrows I'm afraid.

23-06-2008, 19:50
Excuse me for my ignorance, but do you have a page reference?

23-06-2008, 22:25
i dont have a page ref but it is a fact and common knowledge, that in the WHFB rules you cannot have more than one of the same magic item

23-06-2008, 23:11
Ah, didn't know that was a general rule. I found the rule ---page 120 of the rulebook. I have updated my list to compensate.

24-06-2008, 00:35
also a character may only have one magic item form each catagory, with the exception of arcane items in which you can take dispell scroll and/or powerstones as well as other arcane items and can have multiples in an army.
Basically this means manfred is illegal at the moment

Onto the list 10 ghouls is not enough for a unit. manfred can make bigger than starting size, and without ranks they won't win a combat vs a serious opponent, if they make it that far. Therefore i'd take 20 string squads with no ghould summoner.
10 skelies isn't all that either, but at list manfred can boost them.

At the very least i would drop one of the graveguard units, to get the points to boost these, or trim the points from the bloodknights to give you the points.

One of undeads very big strengths lies in fielding large numbers. The fact the are immune to psychology, and won't run means big units make it to combat. Big units that make it to combat have big combat res, and units that outnumber, cause fear, and win combat autobreak the enemy. These are massive strengths undead have over most other enemies. I would start the list over from scratch bearing these points in mind and try to build a list with more of an emphasis on troops supported by the rares and specials rather than the other way around

24-06-2008, 01:29
If you're going with Mannfred, I would recommend taking some beast units instead of ghouls. Bat Swarms and Fel Bats in particular since they are given more than just 1 wound with IoN. Also, currently your protection for Mannfred is presumably the 5 Black Knights, they should either be increased in size, or take Mannfred off a mount and put him with a larger, more protective unit.

Since you have nobody with Summon Ghouls, those units are just free points for the enemy. Units of 10 Skeletons are fine, just be sure to start with at least 3 units of them if you are going summoning heavy.

10 Grave Guard is also a waste as they cannot be summoned beyond their starting 10. I'd recommend either dropping them for more skeletons, or up them to at least 20.

I'm not a big fan of Blood Knights. They're amazing in combat, but since they have frenzy, cheap units like Goblin Wolf Riders can make them run around the board uncontrolled. Go with a Varghulf or two, they're much more reliable.

Hope that helps.

24-06-2008, 15:50
I would personally say if you're going to take Ghouls as primary core, don't take Mannfred for the fact that he doesn't compliment ghouls. I would suggest building a custom lord for the task of keeping ghouls coming up.

I would also suggest like Minionboy said combining the two grave guard units as 10 will die fast.

Also drop the blood keep banner from the blood knights, and just use those points to get 2 units of 5 wolves. Use these to screen for the knights from shooting, and flanking. Also if you plan on taking blood knights, I suggest you putting a good melee character into the unit, so he compliments them in combat.

I highly suggest you place champions in black knights, blood knights, grave guard. Especially if you plan on using helm of commandment. This way you have a champion with extra attacks to make use of the weapon skill increase.

Hope this all helps.