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23-06-2008, 21:31
These are a few of the issues that have just recently sprouted up in our gaming group that I've been tasked with solving. But, if anyone's noticed my recent posts, I am without a rulebook:cries: So, all my solutions are based off of memory of the rules and not the actual rules. Were my rulings correct or am I off base?
1) If a unit wins a fight, may it "wrap around" to engage the enemy unit on multiple sides and thereby gain extra attacks and secure a flank bonus for either side at the cost of their rank bonus?

No, units must retain unit coherency by staying in a ranked formation that remains on the same side of the opponent that their combat began in.

2) If a unit overruns an enemy unit and hits a fresh unit, it counts as a new combat. Is the combat resolved immediately or does it wait until the next close combat phase and count as a charge?

Iffy, I had them dice off. I believe I remember reading a rule that says if you break a unit that you pursued into you can't chase after them the same close combat phase. That would support the first option. But logic would say you can't have two fights in the time span a normal fight would take

3) If a unit flees from a charge, do the chargers get to pursue their 2-3d6"?

No, if a unit fails a charge, they only move their maximum movement distance and stop. If the fleeing unit doesn't flee far enough to escape the charger's charge range, it is destroyed and the charger moves up to the point the unit was destroyed.

23-06-2008, 21:52
1. In the new rules you can expand ranks but not wrap around.

2. It is resolved in the next phase UNLESS it is a combat not resolved yet. Meaning if unit A is fighting unit B, and unit C wipes out unit D and overruns into B, and if that combat hasn't been resolved yet, A and C now fight B.

3. If the fleeing unit is caught they move their full distance, otherwise it is a failed charge.

24-06-2008, 08:12
To expand a bit on this, since you can't look it up...:
1. Your memory serves you well, only this time maybe a bit to well. The wrapping around rules have been discontinued from 6th to 7th edition.

2. Do note that if this happens, and B gets to fight a second time, that they may not make a second overrun.

3. And if the charge is failed, they only move their normal moving distance. E.g. if a unit of knights with movement 7 charges, the enemy flees, but don't flee out of range, the knights move their full 14" charge. If they can't catch them (they are more than 14" away), the knights only move 7" and halt.