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23-06-2008, 23:40
Don't know if this has already been asked, if it has, sorry! My browser is being very slow today, I have a feeling my router is about to kick the bucket.

Anyway, if I was to take, say, Creed and Kell, along with Advisers, would the trickle down start at my first Troop's infantry command? Also, if I took Creed and Kell with grenadiers, could I avoid the trickle down all together, without paying for independents?


23-06-2008, 23:52
As far as I remember (my mate has his codex about 300miles from me at the moment) the trickle always starts at the highest HQ point, and seeing as the specials are top level HQ they need to have them first, not your troop option HQ.

If someone has the codex, correct me if i'm wrong, it will be handy for my mates lists as he likes his psykers lol

24-06-2008, 00:21
That is correct

24-06-2008, 00:54
Nope. It would start at your compulsory HQ platoon HQ squad, not the first Troops HQ squad.

Creed and Kell are IC's and don't get advisors since they are no command squad in the first place.

The Grenadier trick won't help you since you must take the HQ platoon, you cannot avoid it. It's a compulsory 1 choice, not 0-1.

Lord Cook
24-06-2008, 01:07
As Bloodknight said, the command platoon is not optional. You may take Creed and Kell in addition to your command HQ squad, but not instead of it. And no, as Creed and Kell are not advisors they have absolutely no effect on other advisors who are in use.