View Full Version : Just a couple of questions on savage orcs & gobos

24-06-2008, 07:29
HI all.

What magical items would you give to a goblin warboss on a giant spider ?. What magical items would you give to 2 savage orc shamans ?.

Regards in advance

24-06-2008, 08:47
Well, you could give the spider boss the one hit wunda and the tricksy trinket, to hunt some heavily armoured things. Guaranteed no saves (apart from regeneration). Then use the spiders abilities to pop up from some unexpected location and jump on his big lord and hope for the best :)
You said warboss? So that means 100 pts of items... Well, I really fancy the screaming sword, so you could take that one instead of the one hit wunda, and stick to the trinket and add the spitefull shield. That should do some damage.
In once was really lucky with the last one, and had a saurus oldblood kill himself with it.

2 Savage orc shamans? Now that's interesting. You know to be really carefull with those, since they tend to charge when they are supposed to be casting.
I think there are several options, of which dispel scrolls and power stones tend to be the obvious stuff for shamans. Also a staff that adds +1 to cast or dispel can be nice, I found out recently.

Or you could go offensive....
You can field him on foot, alone, and give him the blooadaxe for D6 attacks for frenzy. Most people won't see that coming, though it probably won't win you the day either if you don't make sure to have some backup. But should be fun.
It can be nice to put one of them on a boar, 2 extra frenzied S5 attacks, +2 AS, and if you take the ironback boar, that might be a nasty surprise. And maybe some enchanted item for a bit of extra hurt or protection.

25-06-2008, 15:25
My Big boss on spider has skeaky skewerer and tricksy trinket. If he ever gets used as a wasboss ill add armour of protectyness.

Id take a scroll caddy as one of them and waaagh paint on the other (he will end up in combat whether you want him to or not) But personally i wouldnt take SO shamen, i go for the goblins in that role