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24-06-2008, 09:37
EDIT: Ah, just realised I probably posted this in the wrong section. Apologies if so!

Hey guys,

As you can see from my sig, I'm building a Vampire Counts army based on a particularly powerful vampire sired by Abhorash, who after the fall of Blood Keep turned to the winds of magic for the power he felt denied him by the more mundane might of arms. Recently, he has managed to possess a High Elf mage, and is currently wreaking havoc on Ulthuan (where, of course, there are dragons), raising the dead to bolster his forces in an unorthadox quest to ascend to Abhorash's greatness.

Up until the new Army Book came out, I converted my ghouls out of a combination of dark elf spearmen and dryads; the legs looked more foreboding than high elf ones, and the dryad upperbody makes for quite a twisted model. With a touch of greenstuff here and there, the intention was to have elves who had mutated through close proximity to my vampires power, or some dire happening, or what have you. I made about 12 in total.

Now, having had some practice with the new book, I am not only aware of the fact that I will need more due to increasing their size, but because they are a lot better on the battlefield than I anticipated they would be. The trouble is that my method of creating them is on the expensive side, and as the rest of the army progresses they're feeling more chaosy than I would like... I'm not as fond of them as I was.

This is basically a long winded way of asking for help: do you know of any models (either whole models, legs, torsos, etc) from the Warhammer, 40k, or LOTR lines that will provide interesting conversion opportunities? I really like the new ghoul models, but it doesn't feel right using them in what will otherwise be a decaying mockery of Ulthuan's forces. Perhaps ghoul bodies with elf parts? I don't know... but any help you can offer will be much appreciated!


Gharof von Carstein
24-06-2008, 10:31
Id say you could do with the elf torso and then using the ghouls claws, and head. maybe the feet but i think that that might take away from the elf theme. a thought might be to shred up part of the elves cloth around the legs and arms. (cut them in or use the ghouls claws and feet and green stuff ripped cloth) than you have a choice. you either use the high elf head and misform it with green stuff. or you take the ghouls head and add to it with green stuff. this way you might be able to make a ghoul-elf by using one of each model which should not be that expensive seeing as ghouls arent that costly and high elf core models are about the same price. add a dark paint job and your done.

Keep in mind this is just a thought of which i have no idea if you will like it. but i think that high elf torso's with ghoul arms and ripped elf legs with a ghouls head will look totally awesome. talk about a pure mockery of the high elves to make something so misformed! and the up side for the ghouls is they wont have to be all naked anymore! everybody wins!

25-06-2008, 16:39
That's a pretty awesome idea actually, and one that hadn't really occurred to me. I'll have to test it out.