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24-06-2008, 19:36
as the title says its a 2k army and i will be mostly playing vc and deamons,

Tomb king 274
armur of eternity, broche of the great desert, sheild, gw

lich priest 160
cloke of dunes, dispel scroll

lich priest 160
staff of ravening

lich priest 325
casket of souls, golden Ankara

15 skeletons 210
standard, spears shields, light armour

16 skeletons 210
standard, spears shields, light armor

10 skeletons 80

3 swarms 135

19 tomb guard 295
fullcomand, banner of undying legion

3 carion 72

screaming skull 90

screaming skull 90


so wat do you think, will it work, i thought about using a chariot heavy list but i didnt think there would be enough punch against undead and deamon becus they wont flee on charge.

24-06-2008, 21:08

Its been about 2 years since I used my Casket, and I don't have my book on hand, so I'll phrase this comment as a question - does the casket work on models that are immune to psychology? I really can't remember. If it does work, then its a great choice against the VC, but merely mediocre against the daemons. If not, then its usefullness is greatly reduced against the VC - the -1 to casting totals is very useful Vs one D6 raising, but not 165 pts of useful - and entirely useless against daemons.

second comment - your list is illegal - the casket takes up a rare slot, giving you three rares with the two catapults

Your fighting blocks are too small. You would be better off with two units of 10 archers and one decent skeleton block for combat. Also spears are not going to be helpful for their points and full command would be very helpful.

What role will the tomb swarms play against these particular opponents? - I suppose they protect the catapults from dire wolves and fell bats.... but they will do next to nothing Vs daemons. I am raising the question because the points may be better spent elsewhere.

The banner of the undying legion is perfect for a skeleton unit. Give the Tomb Guard something nore offensive in nature - the warbanner for combat res or the +1 to hit banner.

The list I would take is
Tomb King - GW, Golden Ankra, LA, SH
Tomb Prince, GW, LA, SH
Priest - Heiro, Cloak, Collar of Shapesh
Priest - Scroll

2 x 10 Archers
25 Skeletons, Full Command, Undying Legion

2 x Tomb Scorpion
22 Tomb Guard, Full Command, War Banner
4 Ushabti

2 x Catapults

1999 points

Carlos the Craven

24-06-2008, 21:47
thx alot for help, i forgot about the rare choice thing, and it does effect imune to psychology it uses ld but they dotn take a ld test
the swarms are to protect the casckit but still alow all to have line of sight
i see your point about spear skelis being a bit usles
thx for the help

24-06-2008, 22:01
Make sure you have magic attacks to deal with the wraiths and spirit hosts. That one big advantage I always have over the TK player in our group, my wraiths can kill of his elites very easily.

Remember that tomb guard attacks are magical.

25-06-2008, 01:52
Coming from a player that plays both VC and TK I will give a few things that I personally would change.

Lord, I would recommend a High priest over a king. Reasons being is that helps boost your magic phase by giving you more raising ability, which you will need against Deamons especially. For items on him, I would recommend a staff of mastery (to help counter corpse carts) along with a Hieratic jar.

A prince to which I would set in the Tomb Guard unit. I personally give my princes something cheap that helps them overall like Armor of the Ages with Enchanted shield. Gives them a nice save in CC, not to mention the extra wound never hurts. You could also give him a great weapon to his profile as well so on the charge you can get some good hits off. Some also swear up and down about the usefulness of the Scorpion armor, which can also be good to help keep him alive.

With the core I would also recommend the one major block of 25 skellies, and another of 10 with bows. With the 25 block just shields/LA and command. Also the 10 skellies will pretty much just sit back and pluck away at units while they come in. I would personally drop the swarm against these 2 foes, and just keep 3 units of skellies, 2x 10, with standards (no other command) and 25 block with full command. the 2x10 with standards is just so while they guard the casket, should they need to block a unit from charging it (like furies) its to give them a small bonus, along with a good prayer they survive...

Special choices, block of 19 tomb guard is good, for standards I would only recommend 2 Icon of Rakaph to reform before a charge (Especially against stuff like Cairn Wraiths which love to flank) or Icon of the Sacred Eye for the +1 to hit.

2x Scorpions are pretty much a must, always get their points back pretty much.

Also I usually only suggest 3x Ushabti, as thats the optimal size for wheeling and flanking. They also do extremely well covering the tomb guards flank.

Also if you are going to keep the casket of souls, I would recommend dropping the other catapult. Especially if you know the VC player is going to run blocks of zombies/skellies especially...pick up a Bone Giant. Usually I hate bone giants, but against blocks of zombies, and charging in with another unit, it helps a lot with the unstoppable assault. Mainly in due part to the fact you hit zombies on a 3+, and even still the skellies on a 4+. Don't charge him solo however, with that US1 he will die from CR. The Bone Giant is also nice to charge along side the Ushabti.

Against the deamon player, it really all depends what deamons tbh. As against something like a Bloodthirster...you honestly don't really have options. Against the normal units I would suggest throwing the block in and having the scorpions flank/rear as needed with the Ushabti and Giant supporting the blocks. Pretty much speaking the Casket is the only option you have against the Deamons, and thats praying they don't send fliers after it ASAP, in which case they will try to tie it up in CC just so you can't use light of death. So I would suggest keeping the 10 shooters near it to try to make sure it doesn't get charged.