View Full Version : 1.5k High Elves w/ Dragon

24-06-2008, 21:01
Hey everybody.

This is a 500 point upgrade to a 1k list I posted earlier. Just looking to get some opinions on it.

Noble 158
Dragon Armor
Barded Elven Steed
Magic Item: Level 1 Wizard

Dragon Mage 395
Level 2
Magic Item: 1 Extra Spell

21 Spearmen 214
Full Command

21 Spearmen 214
Full Command

15 Phoenix Guard 255
Full Command

5 Dragon Princes 210
Full Command
Magic Banner: Ignore Terrain for Movement

Great Eagle 50

Total 1496


24-06-2008, 21:06
Not sure the noble is needed.
The command on the dragon princes isnt needed either...well the champion at least.
Same goes for the champions for your spearmen.

I'd get a second great eagle, or a couple of tironic chariots.....
Chariots definitely.