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24-06-2008, 21:20
hey had an interesting scenario come up and were unsure how to deal with it.

pretty much had a unit of blunderbusses with hobogoblins beside them but slightly behind (but where in base to base with the blunderbusses).


so anyways during the empire players turn he charged the blunderbusses but the detachments ended up in combat against the BB warriors and the goblins kinda like this


so how do you handle that charge or combat resolution. we figured since needed to get the units to maximixe he charged both units with the gobos having a flank charge?

24-06-2008, 21:31
Hmmm this is a weird one... and I don't think it has a possitive answer.

Think this is a 'talk it over with your opponent' momment.

25-06-2008, 00:18
yeah thinking about it I guess we should have counted the detachment stopping like a hair away from the hobos so they wouldn't be in the equation.

25-06-2008, 00:23
Different combats.

Nurgling Chieftain
25-06-2008, 01:03
Well, the detachment would charge into contact, then wheel to align with the flank, using its special rule. It hits the hobgoblin unit during the wheel to align. In essence, it's just another version of a classic problem that comes up regularly and has no entirely satisfactory answer.

The FAQ says: "If the process of alignment carries you into further enemy units then those units become drawn into the combat and the whole lot are aligned into a battleline in order to bring as many models into combat as possible. In these cases it is often necessary to move all the units, chargers and targets, in order to form a convincing battleline."

I don't like the solution you used because it results in a unit "charging" with its own flank, but it does bring the most models into contact, albeit with some weird shuffling. I'd've probably had the detachment hit the corner of the blunderbusses, wheel until it hits the hobgoblins (and then stop), and then have the hobgoblins twist into alignment with them. This would result in the detachment fighting the flank corner of the blunderbusses and fully front on to the hobgoblins, all at a slight angle from the blunderbusses and main unit.