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25-06-2008, 02:45
Now before I post this list, would also like to remind some of the guys commenting, this is not a list for a new VC player. I've been playing VC for a while now, and if you do not understand what you're doing you will lose, and or hate life with it due to how much you have to keep an eye on a few of the units. That being said here is my list.

Seigneur Stéphane de Helling
Level 3 wizard, Nightshroud, Enchanted Shield, Red Fury, Dreadlance, Master of the Black Arts

Monsieur Grégoire de Theophilus
Dreadknight; Walking Death; Sword of Might; Book of Arkhan; BSB

Herzog Friedrich Von Zumwald
Avatar of Death; Summon Ghouls; Biting Blade; Black Periapt; Dispel Scroll

Todeshändler Franz das faulige
Dark Acolyte; Dispel Scroll; Flayed Hauberk; Summon Ghouls

10x Ghouls /w Ghast
10x Ghouls /w Ghast
10x Skeletons with no command
5x Dire wolves
5x Dire wolves

20x Grave Guard /w Full Command
10x Black Knights /w Full Command and Banner of the Barrows

4x Blood knights with Royal Banner of Strigoi and Full Command.

Comments: With this list you can get between 11/12 power dice and 7 dispel dice in a phase. Its Theme is that of Mousillion. The Grave Guard hold their old colors, of yellow shields, with dirty clothes of brown. The Black Knights are converted Bret ones with full red artistry, with yellow shields. The Dire wolves are the Lords old Hunting dogs, the Ghouls are those that joined his forces when they went into the Gray Mountains after the defeat. They regrouped and reformed their forces. (Also all bases were done with snow/dead grass to give it the theme feel).

The 2 Vampires on Mounts join the Blood Knights (Which I DO NOT recommend a new player to ever do, as it does pretty much put a lot of points into one basket). The other 2 vampires either go into the grave guard, or the ghouls to boost their numbers up. I usually have around 20-25 ghouls in each by turn 2-3 depending on the casting. The Dogs job is to accompany the Blood knights to both blind them from charging, and to help with flanking. Ghouls act as a good tarpit unit, the skeletons are honestly a throw away unit, being that my dogs no longer count as a core requirement choice (pfft on that one..being that I actually used dogs for an actual reason back in the day..*slaps GW*.)

The Black Knights usually accompany the ghouls and the like for holding, and or hide with terrain for flanking.

So far this list has taken down 2 Mortal Chaos Armies (Which isn't saying much with how low they are thanks to the WD lists they got). It's laid waste to a full caster VC list using 3 corpse carts. It got a draw against a Deamon list using a thirster (god that wasn't even a remotely funny fight either.)

Lizardmen it didn't have much of a problem either, the only army which I got annoyed with some was WE, and I still managed a minor victory on them. Overall my honest opinion is....they should have play tested the VC book before release. It also annoy's me because a lot of players are now jumping on the VC FoTM bandwagon, which puts long time VC players like myself in a group of unfortunately to say "Low talent power gamers" which not calling everyone that, just the ones at my store and area who are, only 2 of us aren't, the others did it just to take full exploit of the situation.

So comment away :D

Lord Inquisitor
25-06-2008, 03:03
The one comment I'll make is that those Blood Knights look terribly vulnerable with no defensive banners against being shot up. Stick your lord in there and it isn't just a tempting target - you lose that one unit to a single lucky stone thrower or handgun volley and it's game over!

Personally, I'd be tempted to drop the blood knights and go for more black knights and perhaps a wight king to go with them. If you're set on the blood knights then perhaps the banner of the 4+ ward save or regeneration?

25-06-2008, 03:33
Tbh, they have yet to lose more than 2 from a stone thrower in which were just raised back up the next turn. They are always blanketed by screens of units. I also do not take the 75 point banner for just that...its 75 points (Instead of the 45 it used to cost in the old book). Overall most players do try to fire on it...and find out they just wasted shooting when most cases they missed and or did little to nothing. Also handgun volleys do not scare them in the least being that they never leave without 10 wolves covering them.

However I will restate this, do not try this if you haven't at least played fantasy like a religion for over a year (by that I mean 100+ games total) or else you will find yourself in with no other way to put it...a world of ****.

Only one game so far have the blood knight's died...and it was due to the fact they had to charge down a narrow pathway due to frenzy and because of that they couldn't raise up bodies (no where to put them as the unit was only 4 wide touching the other two friendly units). Other than that they have held properly.