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25-06-2008, 16:34
(basically the same list as the one I posted yesterday, so could someone delete the last one please? I missed the "Fantasy Army" section so the other one appears like a BoC army, which is not! Thanks!)

Ok... here it is...

The Fluff is mainly an orkish army meeting with a Night goblin little pack at the top of one mountain when wanting to attack the Mootland (stupid halflings....)... and from there, why not, raid a big part of the Empire!


Orc Warboss (Enchanted Shield+ Iron Gnasha (KB) + UM's big boss at (5+ Ward) + Sword of Battle) on Boar chariot = 293pts


Night Goblin Shaman (Dispel Scroll+Mad Cap Mushrooms (reroll hits from fanatics the turn they come out)) = 130pts

Orc Shaman (Dispel Scroll+ Nibbla's Itty Ring ( Eadbutt, power lvl 3 scroll ) = 145pts

Night Goblin Big Boss ( Sneaky Snewerer (-3AS ) + Brimstone Bumble (if unit killed, all unit in base contact take D6 S6 hits that counts for CR ) on squig = 119pts


20 Night Goblins w short bow (2 fanatics: the goblins will be on one line of 20...allowing the fanatics to come out quickly ) = 110pts

30 Night Goblins w Spear (Mus) = 124 pts

15 Orc Big Un's ( 2 choppas + Std + Mus ) = 180 pts

20 Orc Boyz ( 2 choppas + Mus ) = 145 pts

20 Orc Boyz ( 2 choppas + Mus ) = 145 pts


15 Black Orcs ( Shield + Mus + Std ) = 228 pts

1 Boar Chariot = 80 pts

2 spear chukkas = 70pts

10 Squig Hoppers = 150pts


Doom Diver Catapult = 80 pts

Total= 1999pts

Waiting for comments... thanks for watching

26-06-2008, 17:05
Well that's some quick answer ...

It's for a tournament, so a little help would be appreciated... be it 1 or 2 orc players only... thanks!

26-06-2008, 17:35
I would suggest dropping the unit of biguns. Take those points and bulk up the two orc units to 25 or so, but them full command, and if there are the points left, buy a standard, a champion, and maybe nets for the NG with spears. Orc boys need to be in nice big chunky units, not weedy units of 20, and they would do well to have the extra static res the standards would provide, as well as the extra kills from the champion. Also, I'm not sure if your hero setup is optimal. You'll need the generals LD, so unless you want to have him hang back in the chariot, which increases his chance of being shot into wormfood, you may be better off sticking him on a boar in one of the orc units. I would also drop the exploding NG boss on squig, and the orc shaman, and replace them with a standard bearer on boar with morks spirit totem, and give the ng shaman the staff of sneaky stealin. Between the banner and the staff you should have a good magic defence, and your line is much more likely to stay put with their general and standard bearers stuck in the two big orc units. with any remaining points, I would further bulk out the orc units, and upgrade the warboss and standard bearer to black orcs, so that their units will be less likely to suffer animosity (and more likely to suffer casualties, but once you've got proppa units of like 30 orcs, thats not as much of as a problem).