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25-06-2008, 17:07
Hey I wanted to do a severed Vamp army that mostly consists of ethereal units and things that fit this theme, I also want it to be relatively competitive. Here's my starting list:

VAMP LORD, ethereal, Master of Black Arts,

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of Dead,

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of Dead, Dispel scroll

Necromancer, Raise Dead, Van Hals, Power Stone

20 Skeletons, full command,

20 skeletons, full command,

10 ghouls+ghast

2x5 Direwolves

Spirit Host x4

6x Cairn Wraiths

Black Coach

1998 pts
11 PD, 6 DD,

25-06-2008, 21:04
Not sure how much fun this will be to play against. It either wipes out low magic armies or dies against daemons.

Andrew Luke
25-06-2008, 21:12
This could be tailored a little better to deal with deamons. Wraiths are strong enough to kill daemon rank and file, so its only your spirit host thats gonna get blow away. You just have to dominate the magic phase so that you can heal your wraiths after combat. I don't rate an ethereal vampire lord, not being able to take any magic items is just awful. The only way I can see playing him would be an ethereal hero with the BSB, that could be fun! I think you should go all out with the theme and load up on the ghosty stuff.

Your lord could do better with a helm of command and a winged mount, (or even a dragon) that way he can fly around causing terror and heal your wraiths and hosts in a pinch. I'd suggest Forbidden Lore as well so you can guarantee Wind of Undeath for more Ethereal Goodness...

Drop the core down to the min and take 3 balefire carts. That will keep the magic away from your wraiths! You could even drop the coach and max out the wraiths. Two squads of 10?, one with an ethereal BSB? Thatd be crazy!

25-06-2008, 21:14
Hardly an "ethereal" army.
You have lots of non-ethereal models.....Seems alright as lists go though.

25-06-2008, 21:22
Hardly an "ethereal" army.
You have lots of non-ethereal models.....Seems alright as lists go though.

I agree, this looks like a normal vampire list with 'some' ethereal units. There i was expecting multiple wraiths and spirit hosts with all ethereal vampires and a couple of MSU ghouls....... *dissapointed*

aurelia von paulus
25-06-2008, 21:50
I have played this list in a handful of battles:

4 vampires, etherial, one of them battlestandard
3 units of 20 zombies
2 units of 5 dogs
2 units of 10 wraiths, each with singer girl

A true army of dead, not very competitive, relies on surprise mainly on tourneament games. Variants with etherial hosts and zombie cart also useful.