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25-06-2008, 19:09
well ive not played warhammer in over a year as i was concentrating on Apocalypse sized games with my ultramarines but ive been invited to a local tournament. Ive not made a HE list in a while and am needing help with the new rules ect. so any feedback is welcome.

Prince 220
G Weapon
Armour of caledor
Sacred incense

Noble 154
Barded Elven steed
Dragon Armour
War banner

Mage 185
Level 2
Ring of Fury
Talisman of protection

Archers x 10 135
Full Command

Archers x 10 135
Full command

Spear Elves x 15 160
Full Command

Spear Elves x 10 115
Full Command

SwordMasters x 15 305
Full Command
Baner of Sorcery

Phoenix Guard x 10 205
Full Command
Lion Standard

Dragon Princes x 6 245
Full Command
Banner of Ellyrion

Lion chariot 140

Lion Chariot 140

RBT 100

RBT 100

RBT 100

Great Eagle 50

This little lot comes in at 2489 points.

Tactics. The prince will jump in with the swordmasters, Noble with the Dragon princes and the Mage will go in with the 15 man Spear Elf unit. The idea is to deploy Dragon princes on the flank to drive up and get some flank charges. The sword masters will deploy centrally with a Lion chariot ready for some combined charges. the 10 man spear elves and phoenix guard will sit infront of the RBTS and the archer units as will the 15 man Spearelf unit. the other lion chariot will be stationed on the opposite flank to the dragon princes. Archers anwill be tasked with Light cavelry and light infantry units while the RBTS will concentrate on heavily armoured units. The great Eagle will just fly around and march block and if needed rear charge any light units.

Thoughts and feedback please and i know 10 spearelves is sucky as im losing the extra 5 attackes but im not planning on them getting into combat without any back up.


25-06-2008, 19:24
Drop the command on the Archers, that's 50 points, and get more Spearelves. Swap the number of PGs to SMs, you'll want the PGs in larger numbers and the SMs 7-wide to start killing.

Honestly, where are all the points going? Also one Mage is not gonna cut it for magic defense. And that Ring of Fury isn't going to do anything, one DD can get rid of it.

W A L 5 H Y
26-06-2008, 23:22
2500 points and no dragon??? but i do like the list mate, Where do you play that lets you play 2500pts would like to know :) but im going off topic so ill leave it their but msg me back bud.

27-06-2008, 00:39
its my local gaming group. we only play 2000, 2500, 3000 and 6000 pont games