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25-06-2008, 22:34
i have to lists and im not sure upon witch rout to go so ill list them both,
hear is the first list, baisc idea is to sit and shoot will advancing with infentry tt about the center of the battle feild then holding the enamy charges

noble 147
gw, ring of furry, heavy armour, enchanted shield

lvl 2 mage 185
seerstaff, scroll

lvl 2 mage 170
jewel of dusk, scroll

noble bsb 160
armour of celdor, dragon horn

21 spears 214 (set up 7*7)
full command

21 spears 214
full command

17 white lions 345(set up 5*3+2)
gem of courage, banner of sorcery, full command

14 swords 265 (set up 7*2)
ellerion banner, full command, amulet of light

2 bolts 200

2 eagles 100


hear is the second list its simaler idea but dif charictor set up the punch is a unit of dragon knights rather than swordsmasters and its more siting back focused

Lvl 4 355
foloraths, 2xscroll, silverwand

bsb 160 ( my combat hero to lead the foot troops
sword of might gem of courage, celadors armour

noble 139 ( he guards the bolt throwers from flyers and the like)
reaver bow, gw heavy armour, shield

10 archers 110

21 spear elves 214
full command

15 pheonex guard 305
full command, banner of sorcery

15 white lions 255
full command,

6 dragon 260
full command, ellerion banner, the amulet of light

2 bolt throwers 200


so pleas coment on bothe, witch you think is best and how to improve. i want to get an effectiv list befor i buy it

W A L 5 H Y
25-06-2008, 23:06
hey mate me agian id go for the top one m8!!! do you have all the models for both those army lists! BTW i wouldnt take the ellioron banner on the swordmasters they dont move enough to make advantage of it id give em a war banner or somin else.

25-06-2008, 23:42
thx and not yet im buying then soon im jus getign my order all ready cus my mates are orderign some stuff to

26-06-2008, 05:30
My vote goes for the second list.

Drop the Sword of Might from the BSB. Give him the Amulet of Light instead and a Halberd. Same damage output, magical now too.

Don't give unit champions to units that aren't going to be joined by characters. For example, the Dragon Princes. That'll save you 20 points right there.

It's too bad you can't fit in two Great Eagles in the second list. How attached are you to the 6th Dragon Prince? That'll free up points for two Eagles, plus the other stuff, and still get you the Lion Banner for your White Lions. Terror-immune and Stubborn, gotta love that combo.

The first one works as well. But I like the second one as the characters seem more focused.

If you could somehow fit in cavalry of some sort in the first list it'd be good.