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Sam Spade
26-06-2008, 02:49

I was reading Index Astartes I and I saw on page 8 a timetable for the various implants a SM recieves. I was a little confused about the year length for the different impants and was wondering if that was the amount of time each takes to be implanted or if that was the age that the recipient had to be to get the implant?

Also how long does it take to go from being picked off the streets to full blown scout?

Another question I had that I dont know if anyone can answer was if a Battle Barge has the facilites need to grow these organs and implant them into SM recruits or if this would have to happen on a Homeworld or Fortress Monistary?


26-06-2008, 03:26
The time table takes into account the period required for new organs to acclimate to the Initiate. The first round of implants are mostly superficial, or only come into full effect over an extended period of time. Their real role is to prepare the subject's body, by means of altering hormone and chemical balances.

This in combination with regular injections from the Apothecarion preps the subject for the next round implants. But the alteration of the body so that it doesn't die of shock upon receiving something like the Black Carapace takes time, and during this time, all the currently implanted organs are rearranging the body subtly (or, in the case of the Ossmodula, drastically) to accomodate further implants.

As for Human-to-Scout time, it varies between chapters. I dunno. Anyone got more specific data on that?

I'm pretty sure that the facilities would only exist on a Homeworld or Fortress Monastery. This is pure speculation, of course, but unless it's a crusading chapter (say the Black Templars), then I assume the risk of performing such procedures upon an active warship is too great.

EDIT: Also, many of the Organs implanted early are as such because they take a long time to come into full function. Something like the Ossmodula, for example, is implanted early on because the fusing of bones takes years to complete.

26-06-2008, 06:42
Of course, you have to bear in mind that GW often forgets about the implantation process taking 8 years or so. Not to mention it starting at age 12 (for optimum efficiency and chance at success, anyway)

I stumbled across that very article (WD 248, or one either way) the other day, too.