View Full Version : 1500 Mixed deamons for mixed doubles tourney

26-06-2008, 03:06
ok put my lord of chage together last night :P but my first real chance to use my deamons will be at a 1.5K mixed doubles tourney 5 rounds each time you get a random partner!

the club that runs the tourny had a real bug up there butt about balanced not uber lists :wacko:

Tzeentch herald 160 (general)
master of sorcery
flying horror

Tzeentch herald 200
master of sorcery
Burning chariot

Slaanish herald 215
BSB - Banner of Despair
Siren Song

14 demonettes, full command 233
Full Command, Banner of Extacy

10 demonettes 120

10 Horrors 120

5 Fleshhounds 175

5 Fleshhounds 175

2 Fiends of Slaanesh 110


7 casting
5 dispel

a bit hitty and a bit of everything a fair bit of speed but the lack of any expendable units, some furys would be good but dought I will have cash to get some by then.