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Bunny Lord
26-06-2008, 16:41
This is a change from the normal cavalry heavy force that i'm used to playing so I don't know how it would work but I wanted a change. Keep in min that this will be used in tournaments AND friendly games so i'm trying to keep the cheeses to a minimum.

Anyway here it is...

Treeman Ancient- cluster of radience 350

Noble- alter kindred, helm of the hunt, hail of doom fire arrows, great weapon, light armor, shield 158

Spell Singer- despell scroll, LVL 2, calaingors stave 175

Spell Singer- despell scroll, LVL 2 elven steed 162

10 glade guard 120

10 glade guard 120

8 dryads 96

8 dryads 96

5 glade riders- musican 129

5 glade riders- musican 129

20 eternal guard- banner 252

3 trekin 195

5 wild riders- musican 130

7 wardancers 126

So what do you guys think

26-06-2008, 22:13
Overall I'm liking the list.

For the build I'd think you might be better served with a wizard lord and BSB than the TMA and alter but that's primarily a preference issue.

I guess putting the annoyance on the TMA is cliche but would help him in some ugly situations if you keep him.

Your mages seem a bit of a waste. You don't really have enough PD to have a powerful magic phase and for defense the Lvl 2 upgrade offers nothing. I'd think about downgrading to lvl 1 caddies if that's their role or taking a wizard lord in place of the TMA to maximize your magic phase. If you do that, replacing one mage (or the alter) with a branchwraith to keep the cluster will bolster the magic defense.

For your core it seems fine although I personally prefer to take branchnymphs in my dryad units. Size and content of GG and GR seems right.

The eternal guard seems a tad small. At 21 you can go 7x3 for lots of attacks or at higher numbers you can capitalize on static CR. You don't have a noble/highborn to join them so they're losing out on that added special benefit. This would be where taking a BSB to join them would come in. Basically I'd like to see their numbers higher. The Rhymer's harp on a lord in the unit is also a popular build since it makes them about the equivalent of phoenix guard.

The treekin are fine as is.

Wild riders seem fine, I'm not a fan but they certainly work. I'd look at giving them a standard bearer and the warbanner for added CR

Wardancers are fine although if you could find the points for a champ you won't regret it.

Overall it's fine. Figure out where you want your magic phase (huge vs defense only) and then tweak the character build accordingly.

W A L 5 H Y
26-06-2008, 22:42
is it worth having the treeman accient? its basically a treeman that will give you an extra dispell dice. I find the most usefull lord for the wood elves would be the level 4 wizard with a couple of scrolls (good magic defence) rauns hartstone (so if he miscasts he cant blow himself up with a miscast or somin) and the glamourweave (so if hes on his own he cant be easily killed by a bit of shootin or somin) hes not good in combat obviously but he gives you great magic defence which is what wood elves need as magic missles can tear them apart (dont get your ward save, your skirmishing rule wont save you ect) Apart from that i like your list mate, just some messin around with your characters n stuff to get a good magic defence and get good combat support.

Hope i could help buddy

Bunny Lord
28-06-2008, 13:26
Thanks For The Replies.

I was playing with chharacters a little I decided to drop the ancient to just treeman, add a spell weaver with LVL 4 the thing that re rolls de spells a scroll and the thing thats + 1 despell dice (don't have my codexon me) and drop the spellsinger on steed.

This left about 100 over so what do you think I should do.

28-06-2008, 16:36
Those changes sound reasonable.

The only thing that adds a dispel die is the cluster which can only be taken by branchwraiths and treemen ancients. For that reason, I'd think the thing to do with the 100 spare points would be pick up a branchwraith caster and give her the cluster of radients.

If you meant the item which adds +1 to your dispel roll, I wouldn't bother since the wand of wych elm should be plenty and eat up both your arcane item slot and points.

Alternatively buffing your units by adding a few wardancers and champs for the wardancers and dryads would be workable but I'd suggest the branchwraith caster option.

Eternal Guardian
29-06-2008, 11:04
with the left over points id go for more glade gaurd and might be good to invest in some wild riders they are great for flank attack. as you have warhawks and glade riders they should be able to get to the flanks more easily

Bunny Lord
29-06-2008, 17:40
Thanks for the replies but the post is supposed to say "This left me about 100 points over the limit" ie. with those changes im at about 2350 in a 2250 game.

And your right about the cluster of radience so if I add a branch wraith im at about 2450.


The Red Scourge
30-06-2008, 06:00
I'd drop the banner of the EG, and split them up into two units of ten with a musician instead. Use them for flank charging to deny enemy ranks. They aren't good enough to beat enemy elite units, and neither are they cheap enough to beat up cheaper enemy rank&file.