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26-06-2008, 21:44
The list does quit well in most phases of the game. The only phase I lack in is shooting, but I think the magic combined with the RBT can provide the ranged attacks I need.

Anyway, here's the list:


Archmage (General)
Lvl 4
Seer staff, Dispel scroll, Guardian Phoenix
- 335

Dragon Mage
Lvl 2
Silver wand, Ring of Fury
- 435

Hand Weapon, Dragon Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, Radiant gem of Hoeth (Lore of beast - bears anger)
- 171


17 Spearmen
(Noble or Archmage goes here)
- 163

18 Spearmen
- 172


5 Dragon Princes
Standard, Banner of Ellyrion
- 185

14 Phoenix Guard
Standard, banner of Sorcery
- 272
(Noble or Archmage goes here)

7 Sword Masters
- xxx*

5 Ellyrian Reavers
Bows, Spears, Musician

- xxx*

2 Great Eagle
- xxx*

Total: 2250

Models in army: 71
PD: 10-12 + 1 bound spell + Reckless ability
DD: 6 + scroll

* Don't wanna post point cost on units with no upgrades. Most of you do allready know what they cost though ;)

The spearmen deploys on each side of the PG, forming the center.
DP on one flank and reavers and SM on the other.

The eagles will support the DM or go hunting weak stuff.

The BSB is there mainly to make sure that the line holds and to provide som much needed punch to the center.
If I shouldn't (Some how) get to use bears anger, he's still a very versatile fighter. He can alternate between hand weapon and shield for a 3+ AS or use the GW for 3 S6 attacks.
I haven't decided if I want to put the BSB or the Archmage with the PG, but leaning towards the BSB to make sure all three units benefits from the BSB.

I am allso thinking of droppning the Reavers and the SM and bring a larger unit of WL, or just drop the reavers and beef up the SM.

What do you think?

W A L 5 H Y
26-06-2008, 21:59
I like it mate i really do its similar to what ive been using for the last few weeks (record below) I dont really see the benefit of the radient gem. Apart from its funny! I feel with the only combaty character you have ( dont worry i only have one aswell lol) you should just put him or barded steed with a lance, enchanted shield, and some item you feel would work well on him. To give your dragon princes a bit more PUNCH! As you want the DPs to run up a flank and smash things and the hero makes the job easier! But i think it would be better to get another reaver unit, that way you can cause all sorts of problems with them. You could get the other reaver unit by taking out the 7 masters (which are sort of pointless) take out that small unit of masters to get reavers (giving you more speed). :) Apart from those two changes i think its a great army list cz its like mine lol YAY! :)

Tell me if i was any help and message me if you want some more ideas or somin!

27-06-2008, 15:07
Everyone who has commented this list says they like it. Only minor changes have been suggested.

The RGoH gives and amazing boost. My BSB hits like a wall of bricks, and I think I need it if my center should be able to hold for a turn or 2. Hopefully and most likely, they will be supported by something, but I can't count on it.
The center needs either a Prince for LD 10 or something else to help them hold their ground. I don't want the line to break.

Well, I think it's either way actually. Either get a second unit of Reavers, or beef up the SM.
I run Dark Elf Executioners as Swordmaster (LOVE the models) and wouldn't like to exclude them completely. Though, I allso think that a unit of 7 is too small. Some ppl have made pretty good use of small elite infantry units. But they just seem to be out of place.
Adding a second unit of reavers'd give me an insane movement phase. 1 Dragon, 2 Eagles, 1 DP unit and 2 units of light cav. It is tempting indeed...

But don't you think that the infantry will fall behind? Maybe cut one eagle and the SM and add a second unit of 5 DPs?

Any other suggestions where to spend the points from the SM? I think I could use some more hitting power.

Thx alot for your help! =)