View Full Version : Wood Elf tactic, is it viable?

Mr. Stabby
27-06-2008, 05:25
I was looking into making a wood elf army. I was thinking of focusing heavily on casters and glade guard, while putting quite a bit of emphasis on both the rare and special slot treemen. Is this a viable tactic for a 2250 army? If so, how would I go about using this mix most effectively?

What should I use for flanking, harassing, and slowing units? Just the standard wood elf cav?

Thanks in advance all.

27-06-2008, 06:55
Some thoughts. Glade guards are really good archers and really bad in close combat. I combination with some magic items such as hail of doom, bow or Loren, arcane bodkins they can shoot and kill almost anything in the game. Potentially with the exception of some greater demons and vampire lords that I havnt seen in combat with WE. Anything that doesnt have a really good ward save or can easily be healed and have at least three wounds can be shot (bodkins ignore armour saves and with bow of Loren you can shoot several of them each turn).

WE have excellent fast cav for harassing and marchblocking the enemy. Take wild riders if you want them to kill things in close combat and glade riders if you just want to be annoying.

Trees are good for close combat. The larger they are the nastier they will be. If you use two treemen (especially if one is an ancient, usually with annoyance of nettlings) you will hear people talking about cheese.

Using treemen and sufficient magic will allow you to use treesinging to its maximum (which many will also dislike you for doing). Gunline armies often gets very frustrated when WE move woods in front of their guns and use those woods to get trees into charging range without being shot at.

27-06-2008, 08:59
glade riders would generally suit your needs, however wild riders add an extra punch to those "harder" units....

as for protection for your glade guard take small units of them so you can split their shooting more effectively and they don't get butchered as fast....

Chicago Slim
27-06-2008, 16:47
lemme tell ya, nothing harrasses an enemy like a Treeman does. Treemen make quite decent flankers-- they're only Move 5, but with a narrow frontage, they manuever well, cause terror, and have enough US to flank.

Tree Kin can also flank and harrass pretty well-- again, less Mv than fast cav, but 3 TK cost about the same as 5 GR, and they hit harder and are more durable. The downsides, of course, are the speed and inability to flee as a charge response.

Mr. Stabby
27-06-2008, 18:01
I was hoping to use tree singing to help shield my units and slow theirs while I set up good flanks / charges with the treemen and a good crossfire with several smaller glade guard. Good to hear that my plan actually works. ;)

Oh, and I don't care about cries of cheese. It's in the game, I can do it, so they can go cry me a river.

27-06-2008, 19:12
What about a list like this?

- Ancient (AoN, CoR) :evilgrin:
375 pts

- Spellsinger (lvl2, calaingor's stave, scroll)
175 pts

- Spellsinger (scroll)
115 pts

- Alter noble (gw, la, sh, HoDA, HotH) :rolleyes:
158 pts

Heroes total: 823 pts

- 10 glade guard
120 pts

- 10 glade guard
120 pts

- 10 glade guard
120 pts

- 10 glade guard
120 pts

- 8 dryads
96 pts

- 8 dryads
96 pts

Core total: 672 pts

- 6 wild riders (Music, standard, Warbanner)
199 pts

- 5 wild riders (Music, standard)
148 pts

Special total: 347 pts

- Treeman :evilgrin:
285 pts

- 5 Waywatchers
120 pts

Rare total: 405 pts

Grand total: 2247 pts

- 5 PD + 3 Bound treesinging (your lvl2 spellsinger can cast treesinging repeatedly)
- 5 DD + 2 Scrolls
- 64 Infantry models
- 11 cavalry models
- 2 Monsters

This list sacrifices some shooting for good CC capablities. 2 treemen, 2 wild riders and 2 dryads can do some good damage in CC. You can still shoot 40 shots per turn and your alter has the HoDA. Treemen's strangleroot is also good to have.

You also could cast treesinging up to 5 times a turn and you have 3 bound treesinging spells on your treemen.

Note: Some players could consider this list as cheesy. :wtf:

W A L 5 H Y
27-06-2008, 21:22
Wats so good about the treeman ancient i would take the level 4 wizard anyday!

Chaos Mortal
27-06-2008, 21:25
i think the way you play would accomadate a lvl4 better.

28-06-2008, 00:49
Wats so good about the treeman ancient i would take the level 4 wizard anyday!

I start disrespect you a bit, due to lack of grammar and reason I read in all of your posts :\

Wood Elves can be a real pain in the ****. They can be a very hard army to beat and have a lot of tactics.

Chaos Mortal
28-06-2008, 12:44
Wood Elves area great army to play i think, they are such a change in style for you and your opponant compared to other armies you play and most people i play welcome the change of pace. That said i might just be lucky =)

Mr. Stabby
29-06-2008, 23:24
Ok, so I drew up a 2250 list, and jesus it's a tight army to work with. As compared to goblins, where I had a lot of extra wiggle room, with a wood elf list I almost have none. =/ In the list I drew up, I decided to make all my hero choices casters (Minus the ancient) and a second Treeman for my other rare choice. The specials are where I had the problem.

I was looking at all the different special slot choices and I couldn't really seem to make anything fit right in there with the rest of my army. Are wardancers any good? I was thinking they might make a tricky flank unit to fight against. Also, how many units of Glade Guard should I have at 2250? I had 3 units of 14 in my list, to be deployed 7x2. Would that be enough for a shooty heavy army?

Chaos Mortal
30-06-2008, 13:53
To start Wardancers are great, definately get yourself a few (i find units of 7 work best however take no mare than 9 or 10 in a unit). Glade guard are also great as are dryads so the amount of units of them you take should really depend on each other, in a 2k games i find 2 units of each to be great. As for the number of them units of 10 work best, and units of 8 dryads are the most efficient use of points.

I hope this helps but i would consider dropping one of the treemen for waywatchers, they add more to the army and you will avoid alot of "cheese" cries but thats up yo you at the end of the day.

Good luck, Chaos Mortal

30-06-2008, 20:59
I start disrespect you a bit, due to lack of grammar and reason I read in all of your posts :\

Ah sweet irony.

I think you'd be better off with your Glade Guard deployed in lines of 10, instead of 7x2. You can't count on getting a hill for every unit.

The Red Scourge
30-06-2008, 21:48
Note: Some players could consider this list as cheesy. :wtf:

Others would regard it as blatantly cheating. You have an Ancient, a Treeman and 5 Waywatchers...

With a little bit of relatively easy math, I get that to be three (3) rare choices. Thats a bit much for 2250 :cheese: