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Dead orc
27-06-2008, 11:33
In september i'm moving away to Edinburgh and when I get there i'd like to make some friends.... having never played with the lizards I was wondering if this army might put people off, I know the heroes are all generic lizard heroes but are 3 scar vets too much? Are there any problems with the list that you can see?

Saurus scar-vet: Piranha blade, Banehead, Coldone, Shield, Light armor, Sotek, Itzl - 187

Saurus scar-vet: Jaguar Charm, Glyph Necklace, Light armor, Shield, Great weapon, Sotek, Quetzl - 178

Saurus scar-vet: Hornet sword, Enchanted Shield, Light armour, Quetzl, Tepok - 157

Skink Priest: 2 Dispel Scrolls - 115

20 Saurus warriors, Full command - 270

20 Saurus warriors, Full command - 270

11 Skink Skirmishers - 66

11 Skink Skirmishers - 66

10 Skink Skirmishers - 60

5 Saurus Cavalry, Musician - 185

3 Kroxigors - 174

4 Terradons - 140

2 Salamanders - 130

Total: 1998
4 Dispel Dice + 2 Scrolls

27-06-2008, 11:46
thats a pretty good list, though i think 3 scar-vets is a bit over the top, maybe cut one out to field more troops or another skink priest....

27-06-2008, 15:08
id exchange pirahna blade and bane head for scimmy of sun but thats just my preference...

but, i really would drop the third scar vet and add troops, like a few more skinks and another salamander er something...
you might also wanna consider making some skinks scouts...

other than that its a rpetty solid list i like it