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27-06-2008, 12:10
Last night’s campaign game was in teams with two 750pt forces combining for a doubles match. I was paired up with some doughty dwarfs and we faced two daemon armies.

My army,
Warrior priest on foot with mundane equipment
15 Flagellants with prophet
10 Flagellants with prophet
6 Knights Panther with banner
14 Free company with full command
10 xbows with 5 archers and 5 free company

My partner’s army
Thane with runes for improved stats
21 Warriors with FC
14 Thunderers
12 Thunderers
Organ Gun

The Daemon army,
Khorne herald on jug with firestorm blade and armour
Tzeentch herald with scroll and flames
24 Bloodletters with FC and +D6” charge
10 Daemonettes with champ
18 Horrors
7 Flesh hounds
6 Flamers

The plan,
The bloodletter unit + herald was so hard that we agreed to try to avoid it at all costs. Fortunately there wasn’t a great deal in the daemon army that could prevent my detachments from doing their duty as long as we could shield them from spells and the flamers. Being so many points though, we’d have to kill everything else somehow and not lose a lot in the process.

Set up,

So, the detachments lay in wait in the forest ready to pounce on the letter unit as it tried to swing across the field. The knights and organ gun were considered our best bet against the hounds and flamers so they went on our right flank.

Turn 1,
Daemons won first turn and took it. Everything tried to rush forward fairly fast. The flamers marched to the edge of the hill screening the hounds behind. Magic was attempted but I duly reminded our opponents that we hadn’t set up more than 10” in, much to their consternation. The flamers tried to shoot only for me to point out that they’d marched. The Tzeentch herald then tried to shoot only to have it pointed out that his flames had the same range as the Tzeentch spells. Apologies to my opponents if you happen to read this as I realise I’m not casting you in a very positive light. It was fairly funny though and at least you’ll have learnt for next time!

So having survived a daemon turn that was all bark and no bite, we set about effecting our dastardly plan. As such, nothing advanced particularly except the dwarf warriors, as they had the least to fear from the flamers and daemonettes that were their closest opponents. The knights backed off 3.5”. The thunderers and xbows on the left shot at the horrors and those that survived did so for the remainder of the game. On the right flank things were a little more tasty. The organ gun fired first to try to clear the flamers a little. It only got 4 hits but removed on which exposed the flesh hounds to the thunderers. 14 shots later and there were only 4 of 7 flesh hounds still standing. Preceding this was a fairly heated exchange about whether rear-rank thunderers could shoot at models on a hill. This is clearly explained in the rules as I pointed out at the time but I mention it here because it always bugs me when someone argues about rules they don’t know. I guess it’s partly the shock of not expecting such a rule’s existence which then results in unexpected losses on the battlefield, in turn leading to an aggressively questioning tone from many an opponent when I point out their mistake. Quite frankly though, if they don’t know the rules, they shouldn’t get mad at me! Maybe I just need to learn how to break it to ‘em in a more light hearted manner? Anyway…

Turn 2,
No charges, and everything pushes forwards once more. The flesh hounds and flamers now line up along the crest of the hill, ready to charge next turn. Magic doesn’t succeed in killing anything. The flamers kill 3 thunderers.

In our turn, no charges are declared. The warriors move to prevent the daemonettes going around them. The right flagellants move too close to the daemons on the hill as it turned out…
The knights backed off again, getting out of the hounds’ range again.

In shooting, the organ gun again did respectably against the flamers, killing 2. The thunderers excelled again and reduced the flesh hound unit to 2. A few more horrors died on the left.

To sum up the horror - thunderer/xbox (just noticed the typo and decided to leave it in, good old xbox) flank: Basically we shot them all game, reducing them to 5 and the horrors managed to kill 6 xbows and the archers in the last turn. Not the most interesting of engagements!

Turn 3,
In a surprising turn of events, the flamers and hounds charged the flagellants who’d strayed towards them. For some reason I hadn’t expected them to engage with the flamers. The daemonettes committed themselves to almost certain destruction by charging the warriors. The bloodletters continued their advance across the board but were now march blocked by my detachments.

In combat, the flagellants lost pretty much half their unit having overeagerly martyred 3 of themselves (it was the 14 strong one) but managed to down a flamer. The daemonettes didn’t cause a single wound but took none in return as the dwarfs had failed their fear test. Combat res saw about 4 go poof.

In our turn, the knights passed fear and charged the flesh hounds’ flank. The other flagellants joined in with the daemonette combat which I’d rather not have had to but frenzy gave us no choice. The free company detachment positioned itself to deflect the letters towards the forest and away from all the important stuff.

There wasn’t much shooting as most stuff was in combat on the right side. The flagellant charge on the daemonettes resulted in them all disappearing which unfortunately led to them overrunning (again no choice) into the letters. The knights downed a hound but the daemons wiped out the remaining flagellants in an impressive set of rolls. This led to a drawn combat and the flamers were disengaged.

Turn 4,
Not a lot for the daemons to do, the 2 remaining flamers charged the organ gun which failed fear. In combat, the flagellants who’d charged the letters killed a few but as expected, suffered against the herald and jug’s multiple attacks with hatred. About 4 survived. The knights lost a man but finished off the last flesh hound through combat res. The flamers killed two organ gun crewmen. The last man, needing a 6 followed by a 5+ got it, the flamer failed its save, and having been on only one wound died which meant the stubborn dwarf was no longer autobreaking! He held firm against the lone flamer.

Nothing charged in our turn as we were now running out of viable targets. The warrior priest left his unit to charge the flamer if need be later on, the right thunderers also turned to get a good look at it. The detachments remained on diversionary tactic duty against the letters. The knights, warriors and free company arranged themselves around the letters so that they more or less surrounded them in 2, 4 and 6 o’clock positions if that makes any sense. Horrors were the only things to get shot at. In combat the flamer unfortunately beat the last crewman.

Turn 5,
The bloodletters turned on the spot to put the distracting militia on their flank and the knights and warriors ahead of them. The flamer stayed still and shot at the warrior priest but failed to hit.

In our turn, the priest opted not to charge the flamer and instead the thunderers finished it off. The knights and warriors moved backwards and sideways to leave the charge range of the bloodletters. At this point I had intended to charge the bloodletters with my free company detachment as had at least one survived, they would have autobroken and forced the letters to pursue into the forest. Unfortunately I openly questioned whether this only applied to frenzied units and one of my opponents was quick to say it was (incorrectly!). So my dastardly plan was not enacted (watch out dark elves! ;)).

Turn 6,
In a desperate move, the bloodletters charged the knights and with a +4” addition to their range were only just in corner to corner range. (Cue heated debate about whether you should slide units across. I’m firmly in the camp that you shouldn’t. If you’re only just barely in range and can’t wheel sufficiently, you shouldn’t be charging if you want more than one model in contact.) It was all fairly moot though as the knights autobroke anyway.

In our turn the knights rallied. The free company unit and detachment tried to dual charge the horrors (the detachment were in the way so had to charge to get out of it). Unfortunately the detachment failed their charge, would have been easy picking otherwise as there weren’t many horrors left by this point.

Result - Victory!

The plan went pretty smoothly. It was unfortunate that the bloodletters effectively shielded the horrors as there was plenty of our stuff left at the end to take them out but not in the right place to do so. So a relatively comfortable win although with so many points in the khorne infantry unit it wasn’t a walk over. Again, apologies to my opponents, but I think they were more of the school of Warhammer that advocates mean unit design that rush headlong at the enemy and I think it was a surprise to them that we took a more measured approach. Lastly, thanks to my partner, go team yellow-on-the-campaign-map!

27-06-2008, 17:24
nice going, to bad about all the arguments though, that usually sours the game a bit.
Charging headlong at things? I thought that was a 40K thing? hmmm.