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27-06-2008, 12:12
After a break from Fantasy, I recently picked up the new 7th ed rules and VC book and have been working my way back into the game. While I'm not the best player I find I usually do fairly well in games under 2000 points (the vast majority of my groups games) but struggle to survive against extremely lord heavy lists with the new vamps. Two current recurring nightmares in 2000 point games are a 2nd Gen Slann with/without a large block of temple guard and a Star Dragoned High Elf Lord.

Even with a magic oriented lord and heroes I find myself unable to compete both in casting and dispel nor am I able to outmanuever the Slann with anything substantial enough to run it down/kill it before I am barraged to death by Salamanders, mass Skinks and Teradons. Against HE, the Star Dragon usually singlehandedly takes apart my entire army while I'm unable to do anything as it flies over my units to attack what it chooses every turn. My attempts to tool a lord against the threat were largely unsuccessful as I would typically be unable to engage it all game unless my opponent wanted to fight him.

These units are typically gigantic point sinks in 2000 being as much as half of my opponents list but as of yet I've had no success finding a consistent way to defeat them. Any suggestions/comments are appreciated.

27-06-2008, 12:25
Vampire of Zombie Dragon for the High Elf, and anything that flies for the slann if it has no guard....

either way a kitted (i hate saying tooled) up vampire lord can pretty much destroy either of these threats (except at an increadibly high cost)

27-06-2008, 12:41
Hi Aryakas,

I've been building a VC army like you, and been thinking about the same problems.

For a second generation slann I'd try to weather the magical storm coming towards you with enough scrolls/balefires/etc. Rule of thumb (IMO) when dealing with second generation slann accompanied by temple guard is that every race can field a unit that will crush temple guard in combat. In our case, that will be blood knights. Give them the flag of blood keep for the 4+ ward against missiles, and 3 units of dire wolves/fell bats to accompany them to make sure they don't get distracted by skinks. Temple gaurd aren't very manoevrable so this should work (worked with my tyrant+ironguts)

For the dragonlord, or an other big beasts for that matter, I find giving your lord the forbidden lore power with lore of beasts is a good first step to countering these things. You still have Invocation of Nehek for the summoning, and The beast cowers will make sure that dragon will stay put.
As a back up you could try "dancing" some units into him. Don't use blood knights though, he'll just challenge and pick them off one by one untill they crumble. Spirit hosts are good for this becuase the lord will likely have a magical lance that he won't be able to use if he is charged.

Final tip is one that apllies to all situations/units a VC army can't deal with: Summon a bucketload of zombies and dance them into the unit to keep it busy.

(I now have a lovely image in my head of zombies breakdancing towards a bloodthirster, nice :D)

The Adept
27-06-2008, 12:52
magical lance that he won't be able to use if he is charged.

You can still use the lance if you're charged (in fact, if it's magic, you've got to!), it's just mmost of its benifits only work on the charge.