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This is a re-vamped (pun intended) 2k armylist for an Empire army I plan to make. Mixed up some fluff to go with it and tried to make the army balanced. Many thanks to those who helped previously with their suggestions.

Return to Castle Drakenhof

Ivan von Dragomir was a hardened commander, having fought many battles against many adversaries. He never called any province home, wandering instead around the Empire, offering his services as a trainer and a warrior. Most of the men he trained had a feeling of belonging, and he worked on it to improve their fighting capacity. Fighting for ones home, always proved to be a powerful incentive. That feeling however, always seemed to elude him. He longed for it, and its absence weighed more heavily on him with the years. After he felt like he had gained enough scars, he set out to find his roots. His long search eventually led him to his grandfathers’ former home, in a small village near Waldenhof, in the dreaded land of Sylvania.

The people of Sylvania were somewhat withdrawn, and distrustful of foreigners. The land they lived in was a dangerous place, and rumors of untold terrors was a usual subject of low-toned discussions in the taverns, long after the children had gone to bed. It was said that the Vampire Counts had risen once again, and that vast armies of undead would soon plague the land in a second darkness. Refugees from villages in the south spoke of the terror that had awoken. Some poor souls had even lost their minds, and wandered like thin, stray dogs, speaking nonsense. Sylvania was becoming darker and even more grim with each passing night.

“I am the Light, to guide you through the Darkness. Fear not for even the small lantern of your faith in Me, is enough to light your steps, one at a time, during the longest of journeys in the dark”. This was a favorite tenet of two Sigmarite priests that tried to restore hope to the grim Sylvanian faces. The Valtislav brothers, Anatoli and Stefan had devoted their lives to Sigmar. But Sylvania was no place for a chorister priest. These priests were warriors, wearing armor and holding hammers. Books and candles did little to shatter bones anyway. Their preaching did some good, but could not strike at the root of their troubles. The province of Sylvania belonged to the Empire only in paper, and no decent Elector Count had been seen in years. Instead, there was a puppet government of a sort, always lagging behind the events, proclaiming void promises. In reality, the land of Sylvania had been forsaken. If only there were a leader, someone the people could rely upon and gather around to place their hopes for a better life…

The old Dragomir house had been long abandoned and was now claimed –among other things- by what seemed to be a small host of bats. Ivan searched through the rubble, bearing the stench of bat droppings, hoping to find something that belonged to his family. Something that could give him a feeling of home. His efforts were not in vain. Amidst the rubble, under a blackened painting, he found a long dusty case. A sold hit with his iron bootheel was enough to break the rusty lock. He felt his heart pound heavily as he opened the case, just like it had always done when he gave the command to advance…

The case contained what appeared to be a sword wrapped in some cloth. It was of an older design, one he had never seen before. It had to be very old, but it looked as if it was forged only yesterday. He held it in his hand, and it proved to be very well balanced, and light. He would surely have to test it later. His attention then turned to the cloth, which turned out to be no ordinary cloth. It was of very familiar shape. It was a banner. Its image however was something he had never seen before. It depicted a lady in a long, purple dress, holding a shield in one arm, and a large key in the other. He did not know why, but it sent a chill down his spine.

When Ivan entered the home for the refugees that the Valtislav borthers had set up, he was given a hasty welcome and a pot of hominy, just like any other traveler. When he was to come out of it again, he unknowingly bore the hopes of the two brothers. They had to make sure first. Anatoli rode to Altdorf, to look in the records of the Library. When he eventually found the sketches of Nuala, the ever helpful and humble artist, illustrator and scrivener of the Library of Altdorf, dating from some four hundred years ago, his heart filled with rejoice. Sigmar had finally answered their prayers. Ivan was a descendant of the Von Drak family, and a true heir to the Drakenhof Castle… A perilous quest had just begun.

The people engaged in hopeful preparations, their eyes sparked anew. Ivan personally trained scores of men and organized them into companies, after the traditional Empire manner. Their resources were scarce, but they would have to suffice. He sent out word for help to the neighboring provinces, but nobody responded, save from a war machine from Nuln. If no one would stand up for them, they would have to stand up for themselves. The women began to fashion clothes for soldiers, after the manner of the standard soldiery of Drakenhof. They followed the coloring pictured in the sketches of Nuala, and sowed in black, purple and white. New banners were woven, and the lady in purple was pictured as stern and determined. The key to Castle Drakenhof was held tightly in her right arm. Surely, it would be theirs once again…


Ivan Dragomir (134pts)
[General of the Empire; Full Plate Armor; Shield; Sword of Might; Barded Warhorse]

Ivan is a valiant man, who is trusted by his men. He has hand-picked and personally trained those who showed some promise in the use of the sword and the shield, making them formidabble fighters indeed. Any other man was placed in close support. "United we stand, divided we fall!" is one of the mottos he uses to inspire his men against the unholy powers of the undead.

Anatoli Valtislav (98pts)
[Warrior Priest; Hand Weapon; Additional Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor;]

Stefan Valtislav (98pts)
[Warrior Priest; Great Weapon; Heavy Armor]

Their fiery speeches ispire courage into every mans heart, and their unyielding faith to Sigmar grants them powers to confront the princes of darkness themselves!

Ovid (150pts)

Ovid claims to be a formiddable wizard, and although he is not the best wizard Sylvania has seen, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. His Ring is enchanted with a random spell from the Lore of Fire, almost guaranteed to dish out some fiery damage. His magical rod augments his spellcasting and dispelling abilities. He also secretly relies on the priests' powers to drain the enemy's magical defences, thus leaving his spellcasting unhindered, something that makes him look better than he really is. A necromancer is hard to trust, unless he is of some use. Oh well...

[B]Core Troops:
The Sylvanian Defenders (169pts)
24 Swordsmen [Full Command; Parent A]
Detachment A1: 10 Crossbowmen (80pts)
Detachment A2: 10 Free Company (50pts)

The Sylvanian Defenders (169pts)
24 Swordsmen [Full Command; Parent B]
Detachment B1: 10 Crossbowmen (80pts)
Detachment B2: 10 Free Company (50pts)

The troops of Ivan have been trained to work together. Mostly poorly armed, but their strength is in their numbers (not to mention their leaders!)

The General’s Bodyguard (180pts)
[5xKnightly Order; Full Command; War Banner]

These handful of men are the cream of the crop from those that showed up to fight at Ivan's side. They serve as his bodyguard and would gladly lay down their lives for him. They proudly bear the original banner that Ivan found in his grandfathers home.

The Prowlers (103pts)
[10 Huntsmen; Marksman]

These men are hunters, who have good knowledge of the natural surroundings of Sylvania, and make excellent scouts.

The shattered ones
20 Flagellants (200pts)

The toll of sylvanias horrors is sometimes paid in more than blood, it is paid in sanity. These men have had experiences with the unnatural, that shattered their minds. Even so, they have their uses. An insane man does not fear the walking dead.

Special Choices:
The Sylvanian Vigilantes (114pts)+(114pts)
[2 groups of 5 Pistoliers; Musician; including Outrider with Rep. Pistol]

These men were the very few who had some coin and could maintain a horse and a pistol. They formed a cavalry detachment to hunt the enemy necromancers. If Ovid is right, the enemy's wizards must perish at all costs if one is to survive against the tides of the undead.

Ol’ Bessy
Great Cannon (100pts)

Ovid claims that this cannon once bore some kind of enchantment, which is the reason that it is still in working condition. Though its magic has long dissipated, it is a useful addition to the army.

The Gift from Nuln
Hellblaster Volley Gun (110pts)

This addition to the army was a gift from Nuln. The neighboring land denied to send men to help the Sylvanian struggle (knowing it to be folly), but having an abundance in warmachines, they sent a Volley Gun instead. Ivan would have hoped for more, but any help is welcome.

Total: 1999pts, Models 4 power die; 5 dispel die, (+3 Bound Spells)

27-06-2008, 13:31
Lovely fluff and a great army.

I would go for twin cannons though. Otherwise nice!

28-06-2008, 07:21
Army looks good, the tucks are abit underarmoured, tthey are a T4 5+ save guy worth 98pts who is meant for combat? The best thing i can think of is mounting them on barded steeds, (incase you are unaware they can still sit in the units of state troops and not be single out in any way, plenty of threads in the rules section here) That will increase there saves to a more respectable 3+ although the additional weapon guy will have to look for a new weapon option.

Apart from that its an average all round army, something empire do very well