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27-06-2008, 23:28
right people im new to this forum and was wondering i do like big mumikai and i really want a new troll so im wondering which army i should do? any help please? and of you can possibvly and army list?

28-06-2008, 02:41
Well, Mumaks are province of Harad (southrons).

Play style for them: Hordish infantry, or hordish cavalry, or a mix of the two approaches. If you include some wierdness from Far Harad, you get Mumaks with all the really cool options.

Play Style for Easterlings: Elite infantry with some cavalry; not a lot of F 4 to go around in a pure easterling force, but plenty of D 6 which makes S 3 infantry wound on 6s. Also they function well in densely packed shield walls, thanks to the Phalanx rule.

If you go Variags of Khand, they're not really a horde infantry or cavalry force, and function well with Easterlings.

If you go Mordor, you'll be using lots of Orcs. If you go heavy on Orcs, you can get away with fielding a Mordor troll. That means you'll have plenty of grist for the mill, but also a few skull busters like Trolls and a couple of captains.

28-06-2008, 03:57

I'm quite new to lotr but could you have a mumakill (wrong spelling) and a squad of harad , then a troll and a squad of orcs? you could have about 100pts of orcs and the troll(100pts) and not sure about the points of mumakill or harad guys but its possible to mix them right? I'm sorry if my whole post was false but I know you can mix easterlings and orc so I'm guessing you can for harad.

28-06-2008, 04:29
Absolutley you can mix them; problem is you start to run out of points really quickly if you try to take an 'army sampler' of everything.

So my suggestion: follow the Legions of Middle Earth rules for allying, and make sure you spend your points wisely when building the army. Try to make synergy between the different elements, and keep focused with your composition.

29-06-2008, 08:18
right ive had a little thought and have came up with

1.scrap one army

2. do both at same time

3.do one then other

4.do a mix of 2

so any army lists on the suggestions above

29-06-2008, 11:54
OK, written on the basis of a 500pts army, here are somne lists you could try:

List 1: Pure Harad w/ Mumakil
Mumak of Harad w/ Tusk Weapons
15 Haradrim Warriors w/ Spear
10 Haradrim Warriors w/ Bow
5 Haradrim Raiders w/ War Spear

32 Models
2 Might
10 Bows
Break Point: 16

List 2: Mordor
Orc Captain w/ Warg and Shield
Orc Shaman
12 Morannon orcs w/ Shield
12 Mordor Orcs w/ Spear
12 Orc Trackers
5 Warg Riders w/ Shield
1 Mordor Troll

44 Models
3 Might
12 Bows
Break point: 22

List 3: Harad + Mordor
Orc Captain w/ Shield
Orc Shaman
11 Morannon orcs w/ Shields
12 Mordor Orcs w/ Spears
11 Orc Trackers
Haradrim King w/ Horse, War Spear, Bow
10 Haradrim Raiders w/ War Spear

47 Models
5 Might
11 Bows
Break point: 23

The first list is obviously dominated by the Mumak, with the Bowmen in the Howdah, the Spearmen supporting and claiming objectivbes and the Raiders harassing any potential threats to the Mumakil such as Bowmen and hard heroes.

The second list is a solid list, with a hard Str4 shieldwall of Morannons backed up by spears for extra attacks. The Warg Riders offer a flanking and harassment threat, while the Mordor Troll is a great counter attacking unit for the Shieldwall and also draws a lot of fire from th main lines.

The third list has a lot of models, and a heavy contingent of cavalry which will hit home hard allowing the Morannons to sweep in for the kill afterwards. In both this list and the other Mordor list, the Shaman can offer some protection with Fury, and also target problematic enemy heroes with Transfix.

Hope that helps!

29-06-2008, 21:27
right list 3 it is but might make it 750-800 points for mumak ill be back with my updated list

29-06-2008, 21:35
one last thing how many points is a orc tracker and a orc shaman?

Pitalla Crimson
05-07-2008, 19:22
Lotr champ gave you a very nice example overthere, tought I would use some orc special char rather than a standard captain for some extra might, y know.

as for easterlings, well chek my list and find out wath a fan I am of them, tought they are an incomplete army and are more of an ally choice than an army itself.