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28-06-2008, 00:57
Battle Report 2250
Shane Vs. Joe (Testing New Lists)
Dogs of War Vs. Empire (Heavy Proxying; LOL!)

Borgio The Besieger (Lord)
8 Volands Venertaors (Heavy Cav)
5 Heavy Cav
Paymaster (Hero)
20 Paymasters Body Guard
25 Pikemen
25 Pikemen
10 Crossbowmen
8 Menghil Manhides Manflayers (Regiment of Renknown)

Templar Grand Master (General)
-Sword of Power
-Shroud of Magnus

Luther Huss

Captain of the Empire BSB
-Full Plate

-Rod of Power
-LvL 2

20 Swordsmen w/full command
20 Spearmen w/full command
10 Crossbowmen
2 Units of 10 Handgunners
5 Knights w/greatweapons w/full command
5 Inner Circle Knights w/lances w/full command
2 Great Cannons
5 Pistoleers w/champ, w/repeater pistol
1 Hellblaster Volley Gun
1 Steam Tank

This is the first time I've fiddled with the report generator and I probably should have made more pics as the ones I've done are a little confusing. Still I hope you all enjoy it.

I'm on the bottom of the map. From left to right I have the knights w/greatweapons and luthor huss, 10 handgunners on hill, 10 handgunners on ground, swordsmen, spearmen (captain of empire BSB here), hellblaster (blue),wizard in the woods (Yellow), cannon, knights w/lance & general (red), great cannon, steam tank, 10 crossbowmen (blue), 5 pistoleers (white).

Shane has from left to right Manhides manflayers in the woods, pikemen, paymaster & bodyguard, pikemen, Borgio and the voland venerators, wizard in the woods (yellow), 10 crossbowmen (blue), cannon on a hill, and 5 heavy cav.


Turn 1

Goes first; doesn't move; fails at magic; his crossbows shoot my crossbows and kill 3.

Move some stuff forward; fail at magic.
Cannon on right shoots at heavy cav on right and kills 2.
Cannon on left shoots but misfires; fire as normal next turn.
Crossbows shoot Shane's cannon and manage to kill the whole crew. The cannon lives but with nobody to crew it I took it off the following pictures.

At end of Turn 1

Turn 2
Moves some stuff up; fails at magic.
Crossbows shoot my generals knight unit and kill 1.

Moves stuff; fail at magic.
Huss and his unit become unbreakable by prayer of sigmar.
Left cannon shoots at Shane's general and misses killing 1 knight and 1 pikeman behind the generals unit.
Crossbows shoot at crossbows and kill 1.
Steam tank fires steam gun at Shane's generals unit and kills 1 knight.
Pistoleers have moved to flank heavy cav and fire killing 2. Unit flees and is not in further pictures as it cannot rally.
Handguns all fire at pikeman on left and kill 2.
Hellblaster gets 18 shots off into Shane's generals unit killing all but general and doing 1 wound to him. General flees.

At end of Turn 2

Turn 3
Moves some; fails at magic.
Pikemen on right charge tank and fail.
General fails to rally.
Manglers shoot knights w/hammers killing 1.
Crossbows shoot my right cannon and do nothing.

Move some; fail at magic.
Tank charges into pikemen killing 4 on charge and 1 on further grinding. Pikemen inflict 1 wound on tank but lose and flee. Knights w/hammers charge left pikemen and die because of pikes except luther huss who lives and stays because he is now unbreakable.
Crossbows at crossbows; kill 2.
Pistoleers shoot crossbows killing 4.
All handgunners shoot paymasters guard as well as hellblaster for a total kill of 15. Paymaster and guard flee.

At end of Turn 3

Turn 4
Crossbows charge pistoleers are shot up; 1 bowmen left flees.
General, pikemen, paymasters guard all rally.
Huss kills 2 pikemen and takes nothing; unbreakable and stays.
Manglers shoots at and kill 2 handgunners on hill.

Tank charges flank of payguard killing all.
Pistols move to wizard and shoot/kill him.
All guns fire at manglers killing 4.
Hellblaster explodes on a 6 shooting 24 total shots into manglers but only kills 2! AGH!
Huss kills 2 and lives for another round being unbreakable.

At end of Turn 4

Turn 5
General charges and kills 2 pistoleers combat is drawn.
manglers charges huss but Huss lives kills 2 pikemen and remains unbreakable.
Pikes charge tank and do nothing.

Knights charge the side of the pikemen and break them and manglers; huss pursues the pikemen killing them, knights pursue manglers failing to catch. Steam tank hurt itself generating steam points and ends the game with 6 of its initial 10 wounds.
Shane's general finishes off the pistoleers.

At end of Turn 5

The game seems very 1 sided but in Shane's defense my dice were awesome and his failed him to the highest degree. So sad when good dice go bad. So what do you guys think? Comments?

Also I have another question I've been contemplating using the captain for something else. If I take away BSB, full plate then I can give him a doomfire ring. I'm not sure which is better honestly. The Knights and tank are really my main combat units and in this game at least the BSB never even came into play. I didn't move him hardly at all and most of the combat took place more than 12" away from him.

15-07-2008, 02:09
Didn't think the DoW stood much of a chance from the lists, shame as I love dogs of war and now of 3 armies of them. It seems like the Empire shooting phase was key, DoW just cant compete with Empire in that phase. Nice to see Borgio make an appearance though.

Thanks for the Rep.