View Full Version : 2k ZAPPY! orc list any suggestions

Baduk 'Eadsplitta
28-06-2008, 15:02
this is my list

Orc great shaman 315
2 p.stones 2 dispel scrolls level 4

Orc shaman 150
level 2 staff of sorcery, nibbla's 'itty ring

orc shaman 150
level 2 p.stone dispel scroll

black orc big boss 234
battle standard heavy armour porko's pigstikka chariot

24 big'uns 294
2 choppas full command nogg's banner

24 boyz 198
2 choppas full command

24 boyz 164
shields full command

20 Black orcs 328
banner musician mork's spirit totem

2 boar chariots 160

any suggestions would be very helpful


28-06-2008, 19:24
I think its interesting. Been thinking about it myself with alot of combat units and chariots. They all work fine with waagh!! Its just that magic has to work too and it can be very random indeed.. Look out for the banner the daemons have that lowers a school of magic with -2, ie they can name big waagh and it gets alot harder to cast.

i would give the level 2īs a powerstone each instead of two on the big dude since he allready have 4 dice to play with himself.

Might swap one block of orcs for 2 orc chariots or 3 goblin chariots

Mister Hat
28-06-2008, 20:53
My $0.2 worth-

Your general needs to be a warboss for SO many reasons! Ld and survivability being 2 of them. That difference of Ld8 to Ld9 is huge.

If I saw your general was a Shaman I would throw everything I could at him, knowing he was only T4, AS-.

24 BOs in one unit is too many. They hit like a ton of bricks so two units of 12 would be better use of their fighting capacity. Paying all those points for +3 SCR is a waste. Noggs banner is great for these guys.

Spears on boyz? Why waste the points. Nowadays you can combine choppa with sh for +1AS AND +1S on the first turn. With sh you pay all those extra points for 5 extra S3 attacks, not worth it IMHO.

You need spear chukkas to keep big things honest. Two of them are dirt-cheap and almost always make their points back times a few.

Kaos is a big fan of chariots, as am I. O&G have some of the fastest chariots and fast cav in the game. They really allow you to influence the enemy so that he can't just charge your big units of boyz where an when he wants. You should invest in a few.

And if you like magic, take 3 x Lvl 2s. 8 PD should give you 3 good spell attempts per turn, especially when the boyz get stuck in, and 5 DD isn't too bad, although I think it is a good idea to take the spirit totem.

Good luck.

Baduk 'Eadsplitta
29-06-2008, 04:33
I've edited the list based on your suggestions but I Don't want to get rid of the Greatshaman so I took a bsb instead I'M NOT TAKING LIL'UNZ so that means:

No war machines:(
No fast cav:(
No fanatics:cries:
No squigs:(


thanks guys

29-06-2008, 05:30
heres what i would do...

-drop an orc from each unit that will have a shaman, and give them boars if you got the models for it...

-give 2 of the orc units shields instead of 2 HW...

-take the unit of 30 down to 25...

-since you already got lots of anti-magic, take off the spirit totem and take the waaagh banner... use it on the turn you call a waaagh for easy flankage...

-take the power stone off the great shaman, and take the hitty ring

by the looks of it your doin all orcs, but if not i would consider either some spider riders or squig hoppers

29-06-2008, 05:42
Is it worth making the BSB blackorc, so he can stop a regiments animosity.

Also, might be an idea to mount one of the shamons in a chariot for a us5 flanker.

Baduk 'Eadsplitta
04-07-2008, 20:48
shamans can't be mounted on chariots

03-08-2008, 20:18
Great shamans can...,

Nice list would however HEAVILY consider taking gobbos for SO many reasons. Warmachines, cheap meatshields, and a personal favorite: FANATICS :D They are dirty little bastards and tough they get killd of rather quickly... hey its just gobbos xD!

04-08-2008, 09:59
btw. dont bother taking big`uns not worth to spend 4 points for 1 more in ws and str on models that cost 5 ea.