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28-06-2008, 20:25
Well, I hope to get to HEAT 2 of this years tournament in Nottingham. I'll be taking my vamps and am not sure what to expect given both the new dark elves and Daemons will be out so trying to cover most bases. So any feedback is much appreciated.

Working with what I have got so far this is a work in progress and would like some feedback from how the new vamps work as I've only played two games at 1000 pts with the new rules and it's all a bit new.

Vampire Lord
Master of black arts, Forbidden lord, Lord of the Dead.
Cadaverous Cuirass, Helm of commandment, Wristbands of black gold, Scroll

Avatar with Hvy, shield, Hatred
Walach's bloody hauberk, biting blade

Forbidden lore, LofD
Flayed hauberk, power stone

19 Skellies
Full Command, Banner of hellfire

19 Skellies
Full Command, Banner of Dead Legion.

Both Vamps go with these two units with the lord scouting around as needs be.

18 Ghouls

5 Wolves

Corpse Cart with Balefire

5 Wolves

18 Grave Guard
Full command, War banner


Total is 1961

Power Dice 9 + 2 Power stone
Dispel 6 + 1 SCroll
One bound

28-06-2008, 20:44
You've got 40 points spare up the Grave Guard to 20 and both Skelly units, as well as the Ghouls if it can be done. Or give the GG great weapons to open up their options, a great weapon on the Avatar vamp may also be a good idea, but don't use vamps so you know best.

Remeber 20 can be ranked 6x3 you just have some space for casualties (without using your power dice).

29-06-2008, 11:27
played any games with this list?

29-06-2008, 11:51
The Avatar on your second vamp is a bit pointless, you essencially get a shield for 20pts.

Get a third hero character, theres no point buying more rank and file when you can just raise them. In a competitive arena (UKGTs are as tough as it gets) you should go as magic heavy as possible, a half-baked magic phase will get shut down and those few grave guard etc won't last long.

Raising models is the vamps main strength, the infantry is overpriced when getting them initially but they come back (hence you need magic dominance).

At the very least spend those last 39 points + 20 for AoD on a necromancer (although a vampire is greatly superior if you can get the points).

29-06-2008, 17:35
I honestly since you have ghouls, would drop the avatar for Summon ghouls (keep all 3 of those units coming back as good tarpits.) I would also drop the helm of commandment and use the remaining points to get a necromancer + 1 spell, and put him into the corpse cart.
Also I would take forbidden lore off the thrall vampire and give him Dark Acolyte so you have a stronger magic phase.
I also wouldn't be running my lord around for "scouting" purposes. However the wristbands could help should something like a cannon ball single him out.

30-06-2008, 07:15
played any games with this list?

Not yet, I've played only three games at 1000 pts with bits and pieces from the list against Daemons and an empire gun line. I think having the plus 1 on everything to raise is a must as then I can create the big tarpits.
I'm liking the helm as it allows me to get my guys to stop them getting hit on 3's all the time, I know they don't cause casualties and combat res is the way to go in tournaments, so I will need to up the magic phase some what and not go half baked.

Not sure on the Necromancer TBH, as I can't really see the point as you only get one dice with them. I'll see if I can maybe squeeze another vampire in here as another caster.

30-06-2008, 13:51
Yeah, I think you might want to concentrate on an army type if your thinking of taking the list to tournaments.

If sounds like your having fun with magic heavy, which is good since its a strength of vampires and a good tournament list as well.

Look and getting some game play in with using as many of the bound spell items as possible, also see what bloodline options really work for you and your list.

I like you have a nice baisc armylist build, its really just about tightening in up and getting ti running all together.

Oh and i think necro's work well in niche lists and your creating to use their given spells, but lck the power dice to be in a horde list .. but thats just imho.

30-06-2008, 17:06
It's the GWGT, may as well make the army look like it.

Drakenhoff banner on a big unit of grave guard or black knights. Both rares should be taken, vargs or wraiths are fine. Core I'd stick with skellies or ghouls, mixing them up means when you really need to just raise one type you may find it a little short.

Think of the hardest least fun list imanagable, and your about there.

30-06-2008, 18:16
Well, I understand your point on the unfun list Tanka, as I've been up against them in recent UKGT's I want something that I want to play with GG with Drakenhof at 2k is no fun for me at all.
I'm trying to squeeze in either a wight king with the hand of dust for another bound or the rod of flaming death put him on a skeletal steed should be able 145 pts with the hand of dust and I'll throw the book of arkhan on the vampire with Walach's and lose that.

30-06-2008, 18:45
Yeah, your still playing for fun after all. Tournaments are a great way of meeting new gamers and improving your knowlodge of armies.

Listen, vampire lists are so adaptable to other peoples playing styles that no-one can actually say that you MUST fill your rare choices or must have so and so unit, the fact of the matter is core and special choices are just so damned good you can run lists without even thinking about rare choices for example.

Personally, I'm always running the book and the staff of damnation ... anything else is up to you and points costs. But the book and the staff are so damned good, its hard for me to pass them up.

01-07-2008, 20:11
im off to the second round of the GT also this year (birthday as always!!) and im taking the vamps for the first time.

im only looking at taking one rare but support it with it with a god special unit...

im looking at taking 2 necros on 2 carts and i totally agree with the book. it is a must. just think of guarantee 3 dances and poss a 4th with a vamp bsb.

just think of scaring an oppenent whereby u have ghoulkn and mve a ghoul unit 8 then march 8 then dance 8. thats 24 whole inches in one turn...evil!!!

01-07-2008, 20:45
good luck and happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!