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W A L 5 H Y
28-06-2008, 23:32
Hey me and my mate have decided to go GT doubles this year! :) I went last year and its great fun with teamwork and the army lists being vital in all games. So yeah we wanted to go for fun but also to get some good games and put up a good game!

So yeah thats the story now im putting the army list on here so we can get some advice from the experienced players here on warseer. Were open to any suddgestions. BTW we probably over looked some stupid things so feel free to point them out.

HIGH ELVES - 995pts [My Army]

Dragon Mage lv 2
Sun Dragon
Guardian Pheonix
Silver Wand
Talisman Of Loec

Mage lv 2
Seer Staff
Jewl Of Dusk

15 x Spearmen
Full Command
War Banner

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower


WOOD ELVES [996pts]

Noble Of wardancer Kindred
Blades of loec

10 x Glade Guard

10 x Glade Duard

8 x Dryads

8 x Dryads

8 x Dryads

10 x Wardancers

3 x Warhawk Riders
Wind Rider


So yeah thats are army list we are hoping to get advice on how to make a better list note small twiks n stuff. If you like the army then please post as we would like to know the general veiw from the people on warseer!

TO ALL WHO READ - Tell us what you think


30-06-2008, 03:24
Paired together this looks like it may be rather effective.

Not being a high elf player I can't comment on the equipment on your characters but 2 level 2 mages including a dragonmage should serve you in good stead and the bolt throwers provide some ranged power the WE can't provide for themselves (the single bolt version that is).

The WE list seems generally well done. The primary things I'd look at are:
1) drop the champion from the warhawks. He doesn't add much and can actually hinder your ability to mage hunt when the unit champion pulls 1/2 you fighty power off your intended target
2) use the points from #1 to add a musician to the wardancers and/or champions for a few of your dryad units (I think you can only get one champ and the musician for the points).
3) consider decreasing the wardancer unit down to 8 to free up some points to get the champions for the other dryad units (did I mention I'd recommend champs for the dryad units?)

Anyway, nothing drastically wrong and the builds of the two lists seem well suited to complement one another.

W A L 5 H Y
30-06-2008, 22:03
Thanx a lot mate! umm yh were still looking for advice guys!

W A L 5 H Y
23-08-2008, 22:10
anymore advice people? would be much appreciated