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29-06-2008, 12:33
Hello All!

Inspired by ikims great works I decided to try my hand at modeling as well. First project will be a Eldar Nightwing fighter converted from a humble falcon tank.

Here is a side by side comparison:

So basically what i will try to do is taking a bit out from the middle so that it gets smaller. prolong the nose and add the wings. we will see how it will turn out

29-06-2008, 12:38
I took the falcon apart and cut it into smaller parts to be bale to better reassemble it:


Next step will be to reassemble the turbines and working my way forward from there.

29-06-2008, 14:48
Reassembling the engine part:


and closing the gap in the middle:


next thing is placing the cockpit

29-06-2008, 15:03
Amazing work!

29-06-2008, 16:15
Whoa, great idea!

Thanks for posting a step-by-step guide, too.. I might give this a go sometime!

29-06-2008, 16:18
this looks really cool, very curious to see how this turns out

29-06-2008, 21:17
ok i put the cockpit frame in place. As you can see. it didnt quite fit in the new position so i hat to partially cut it to be able to bend it into shape as to fit between the turbines. there are still some holes left which will be filled with greenstuff later on.


the rest of the day has been spent with non 40k stuff i'm afraid. promised a friend of mine to sew her a new dress ;)

more updates to come when the dress is finished

30-06-2008, 18:54
ok got a little bit time of tinkering done today. i cut the plasticard for the elongating of the snout and glued it into place


As you can see the tips are abit further apart than in the original nightwing but i decided that htis is ok so. i'll just chalk it up to slightly different build plans on my craftworld ;)

next i'll finish the middle part of the front by matching a plasticard piece in. after that it is time to turn it around and work on the underside. or maybe i'll do the wings next. we will see.

C&C welcome

30-06-2008, 19:00
That looks bad arsed so far man. I really like where this is headed and I will have an extra falcon laying around to give it a shot myself.

30-06-2008, 19:09
thanks :) Although there are some minor glitches that i'm not too happy with. although i will see what i can smooth out with green stuff as soon as the main bodywork is finished

30-06-2008, 19:21
I am curious as to how you are going to fashion the wings. I think you might need a second falcon to do this. Although thats still cheaper than the $120 FW is asking for a nightwing.

Plus you get a greater sense of accomplishment doing it this way.

30-06-2008, 20:14
wings will be made out of plasticard. i just have to find a good way of bending it so it will fit mor smoothly with the curves of the main body. at least for the horizontal back wings.

and i will have to remember to paint the pilot soon because i will ahve to fit him in before i start on the bottom of the nightwing

01-07-2008, 00:36
Keep going, this looks like lots of fun.

01-07-2008, 00:59
WOW, may steal ur idea if it turns out awsome (which it appears to be)

are u going to have retractable wings like the FW version?

01-07-2008, 03:53
nope. i honestly don't have a good idea of how to make the wings retractable. so i will just have them in a fixed position. I still have to decide if i modle them open or closed. but i'm inclined to open position.

if anybody has some tips on on how to bend plasticard in a way that it retains shape i'd be grateful for sharing.

01-07-2008, 09:12
It looks cool, but is that the right size it looks bigger than the original one. But still im going to copy this lol.

01-07-2008, 09:16
havent seen the original in real life so far. but that one measures 17cm from end to end. it sur is a bit broader than the original

01-07-2008, 09:18
Fantastic work there Fengor.
Will keep this one under observation.


01-07-2008, 09:25
quick update:


and if somebody could send me a few measures of a nightwing i'd appreciate it very much. just so i know how close or far off from the original i am. flying blindhere ;)

01-07-2008, 09:41
Vety nice.
I will take a close look as this project develops, as I am very interested in scratchbuilt Eldar vehicles ;)

The only suggestion I can give you is to use a thinner plasticard. It looks like you've used 0,75, while in some places 0,5 is more appropriate.

keep it up.


02-07-2008, 10:23
It looks cool, but not very similar to teh origional FW vehical.

I rekon u should just make ur own new flyer, with new rules, or just use the origional ones. I really cannot picture were the wings are gona go, and how they are gona attach

02-07-2008, 11:13
wings are attached like this:

Sorry i dont got a better picture atm. i'll try to get some decent ones after i attached the other horizontal wings.

my main gripe with the model atm is that the tip is moch too broad for my taste. maybe i'll redo it. i dont know yet.

03-07-2008, 09:58
its lookin really good where did you get the plasticard and for how much

03-07-2008, 10:10
the plasticard i have from a german electronics shop which sells modelling stuff as well (mostly for planes, cares and boats). it costs about 3-7 euros per sheet varying with thickness.

06-07-2008, 20:08
hi all,

it's been some days since i last posted but i finally got some more work done on the nightwing this weekend.

i cut off the tip of the fighter and redone it since it was much too broad. i like it better now:


and for all who are interested what took the most of this weekend. it was this:

custom fit for a friend of mine. i have too many hobbies ;p

14-07-2008, 01:12
Hi, I like your work thus far, keep it up!

If you still need the dimensions of the FW Nightwing, here they are:

Length: 7.5 inches from nose to engine exhausts.
Wingspan (fully extended): 10.5 inches, wingtip to wingtip.
Height: 2.5 inches, from top of dorsal fins to bottom of vental fins. The actual fuselage is only a fraction over one inch thick.

Hope that helps.

14-07-2008, 01:45
Wow, its really turning into something cool now.

Are you going to attach the weapons the same way as the FW model has... i.e. on teh top and the bottom of the front?

14-07-2008, 06:11
thanks for the dimensions Sildani, will measure my nightwing tonight when i'm back home and post how accurate it is. The dress i'm sewing for a friend is almost finished and so i will be able to continue work soon on the nightwing.amagon, the weapons will be attached down and under. The local gamestore owner said yesterday he would look in his spare bits bin for a second pulsar bit from a falcon for me.