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29-06-2008, 20:20
Hi guys, you will have to forgive me if this question is elementary, I've played so many game systems I just can't remember which system is which nowadays and have myself muddled

My question is thus:

In fantasy close combat, as far as I can see one can target specific models/champions in order to eliminate them correct?

So for example if a unit of 10 empire spearmen with a standard bearer is charged by a unit of 10 Ork Boys, can the two/three of the ork boys attempt to kill the standard bearer (declare the use of their attacks against him alone) in order to negate his bonus to the unit by killing him first?

Or is it more like 40K in which the controller of the empire standard bearer instead opts to have a regular spearman take the fall?

Thanks in advance

29-06-2008, 20:24
The standard Bearer and Musician are treated as normal troopers, so if you kill them they are not removed as another trooper picks up the instrument/ standard.

If you allocate attacks against the champion and kill them then they stay dead.
You can only kill the champion by allocating attacks against them, otherwise all hits are against normal troopers.