View Full Version : Tactica: Dragons

30-06-2008, 09:39
I am using a dragonlord in my current army.
This is a thread to discuss dragon tactics in general.

Chaos Mortal
30-06-2008, 13:59
To be honest i dont think using a dragon could be much easier, however to not make this post spam...

always use the terrain to your advantage so as never to be hit by one of the few things capable of killing it eg a cannon.

The Red Scourge
30-06-2008, 14:37
Lesson #1

Round 1: Move forward and breathe fire/poison/whatever.

Round 2: Get behind enemy lines and breathe fire/poison/whatever and cause terror.

Round 3: Get nasty with those big claws of yours.

Round 4+: Repeat round 3.

Lesson #2

Stop putting dragons in your army, they really aren't that much fun (if you find tactics fun and challenging that is). They're too fast, too tough and too brutal and really need another dragon to fight to get hurt.

Lesson #3

Your lord is the weakest link in the chain, and people are going to direct all attacks towards him, so make sure he can take it.

Lesson #4

Charge rear and flanks. You can't refuse challenges, so static CR will be a pain unless you can rip some heads off the RnF.

And last lesson..

Fear cannons!