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30-06-2008, 13:37
hej guys, ive been posting some subtle, some not so
about me doing a battle against a beastmen army.

well tonight is the night and i'm pretty excited seeing as i play 2 a 3 times a year.

wel theres been a lot of narrative writing and its boiled down to
me defening a hill .

i play 1 k he does 2 k randomly coming onto the battlefield as per ambush rules

i was just wondering, whats the best way to defend a hill against a larger force?

i have 2 spearmen units
warrior priest
2, 80 pts bowmen units either crossbow or archer
and a cannon

so how to deploy, what to do?

should i make an opening in his force by chrging in with my cavalery
should i hold firm and charge out later in the game
should i stay compact and use the refused flank ting
hammer anvil
you name it.

but remember i'm completely surrounded and outnumbered.

p.s i think this wil be a nice one for veterans to crack,^^


01-07-2008, 04:55
It would help alot if you talked about deployment and his choices alot more. I assume you have a large 12-8" central hill? is it large enough to fit all your troops on> is there going to be any other terrain? Is he limited to units which can only ambush or will he be brining minataurs and d.ogres?

Without really knowing those questions its difficult to judge, i would imagine his units would be coming onto the board in a staggard approach over the course of a few turns. If this is the case luck and his generlmanship will play a crucial role however you should be ready to take the iniative. Just because you are defending it doesnt mean your pistoliers and knights cant run off an eliminate any lone threats early on before the majority of his force arrives. The key issue you face is the line of sights the herds have, in very short order they will be able to charge you from multiple sides and rob you of your rank bonus, this cannot be allowed to happen.

I would try and create a defensive front once the majority of his troops arrive, turning the spearmen and priests to face as needed, for this reason it may be wise to have 1 unit of crossbow and 1 of archers (you could be forced to spend crucial turns of not firing turning your crossbowmen).

You will be fighting an uphill battle despite your positioning so it might be wise to set some more achievable victory conditions, in situations similar to this its generally deemed a draw if you destroy more points worth of your opponent than he does of you, so you would have to kill half his army for a draw (within to 100-150 points for draw). This can be mitigated ofcourse with additional advantages such as killing enemy characters or specific units for bonus vp's.... which ever suits your narative the best.

From an army selection standpoint how many wizards will he have?, is it possible to swap the spearmen for swordsmen?, can you field some small 5 man detachments of halberdiers?

Those are three things i would think are important, small deatchments can help with the protection of flanks and misdirection, swordsmen normally win over herds although i can imagine spears have there uses here, if you opponent takes a great bray-shaman and normal shaman i would think about dropping the fire wizard...

Mainly though i would say i would need more information about the forces being used, layout of the terrain and what you can expect on the board, victory conditions and the manor in which, when and what troops can/will arrive and from which table edges.... alot to be considered