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30-06-2008, 17:26
Im an ex-marine player, they were my first true 40k army but ive moved on since then and they have nearly vanished through selling them off or conversions. But since looking at the new Marine codex previews an old fire has re-kindeled inside me, but unlike before i want to break away from the usual Balanced Ultramarine force and go for something more specialised.

So ive been thinking and believe that a Scout based army would be pretty cool, them being different and having a different play style:

HQ: A captain with retinue with apoth(to make sure the scouts health hasnt been affected by the augmentation), non terminator. Maybe a Chaplain to ensure the scouts up most devotion.

Elite:Veteren Squad to represent a Unit drafted in to support and to also set an example to the less experienced scouts.

Troops: Consisting mainly of scout squads maybe with a Marine squad to once again set an example to the less sxperienced scouts.

Fast: Scout Bikers, new scout landspeeder and maybe normal landspeeders.

Heavy Support: Whirlwinds to provide some heavier support. and to use in conjunction with landspeeders in games of Apoc.

So thats what im looking to do, if anyone has any ideas to what chapters use more scouts than others (i assume chapters which have suffered heavy losses, relatively new chapters or a chapter that employs more light infantry and long range tactics) please share them. Im not really knowledgeable when it comes to Marine fluff.

I will use the new scout special character naturally, just have to clear it with my opponent if im using him in a non-ultramarine force. So yeh, any advice would be good.

30-06-2008, 17:48
Not sure of the validity, but some people were suggesting scouts may become elite in the new codex. If not your idea is pretty solid. Also, for a different twist you can do a black templar crusade with equal amounts of initiates/neophytes in each squad to show a lead by example type thing. If you use High Marshal Helbright (sp?), he can have neophytes in his cmd squad, and a neo actually carries the standard which would look cool in a "scout" army.

30-06-2008, 17:56
If there is a problem with scouts being made elites then ill just have to think of something else and save my scouts for games of Apoc, then again my usual opponents are all fairly leanient and may allow me to use scouts a troops as a house rule for example.

30-06-2008, 18:11
Scout based armies are fun. Your list looks good in theory. I would say play as Crimson Fists, since at one point they were very nearly wiped out and need to rebuild.

As the owner of nearly 100 of the metal scouts I am hoping that scouts remain troops. However, Apoc Reloaded should have a 10th company formation so I am excited.

30-06-2008, 18:13
Scouts wont be made elites for normal SM codex, this was only so for the DA and BA because both armies have not got a large scout company as normal chapters, such as Ultras, imperial fists and such. an army to go for would be crimson fists as they have a lot more new recruits than actual battle brothers. Darn beaten to the mark

30-06-2008, 18:18
Crimson fists sound good, i like the paint scheme and it will also give me the excuse to have Captain Cortez :D. I might do a test on some plastic scouts i got left and see what theyll look like in crimson glory.

Thanks for the input so far guys, other ideas for chapters or even additions to the list are always welcome.

Fist of Crimson
30-06-2008, 20:26
I may be crazier than normal but I think I saw in the rumours for new space marine codex that scouts are going to be BS3 & WS3. ( I wish I could remember where I read this, sorry)

I could be wrong, but check on it before you go spending any money.

30-06-2008, 20:29
The rumor that I had heard is the Scouts will be going to elite much like the DA book. But then I also heard that there will be an option to buy them as troops at a reduced profile or something along those lines.

I love the thought of an all scout force. I used to run 3+ squads of them. I love the models. I prefer the old metal ones though.

30-06-2008, 20:41
DA scouts are elite due to operating differently from the codex astartes, much like Space Wolves they are made up of crack specalists not rookies.

The standard list (ultramarine/default) has them as troops due to being rookies, I believe razormasticator hit the nail on the head, from what I understand the 2 concepts are to be merged, but the rookies having the reduced profile and points cost but being a troop option.

Of course until the offical release any rumours, no matter the source, are pure speculation...

If you are to invest in a new army, espically a spec army that may not fit the guidelines, then i'd suggest waiting until the release date.

30-06-2008, 20:42
Apoc Reload has a datasheet for the Marine 10th company. Yeah, it's apoc, but it's still nice. They did one for the first company as well, so it's not hard to make an entire chapter in Apoc now. Just have 3 companies of only devs, assault, and tacs, then the three types of company datasheets, plus masters of the chapter, and you are good :D

Spartacus the bemused
30-06-2008, 20:43
That sounds like a cool idea, I'm sure there must be some way of taking them as Troop choices. I like the idea of fluff based armies, and if they are also competitive, then all the better!

There are several Chapters that are more Scout based - the Emperor's Scythes, for one, were almost annihilated by the Tyranids, and thus are rebuilding; or, as has been said, the Crimson Fists (in a similar situation against Orks). Even if you didn't want to use an existing Chapter, a made-up one would suffice.

30-06-2008, 21:21
Yeh i have heard about the proposed Bs & Ws being knocked down to 3 but after playing Guard and Orks for a while it doesnt bother me too much, it just means the points cost will more than likely be lower than 13pts. Besides the H.Bolter being rumoured to have special ammo is all good.

Plus if the rumours that snipers are being revamped in 5th ed are true, they already hit on a 2+ and they may be getting rending so a sniper squad will be pretty fun. Also with the majority of the force being able to infiltrate and the new ability of infiltrate (being able to enter from board edges) will see scouts being more useful.

Im looking forward to the scout speeder, from the art in WD it looks like its only armed with a bolter and acts as a transport for scouts. However a bolter does seem strange even for a transport? Could be wrong though, its most prob a storm bolter or a small H.Bolter like standard speeders.

I was hoping to wait until the new release of Marines anyway before i commit myself to anything or at least until some changes are comfirmed, so i wont suffer having wasted my money.

01-07-2008, 03:27
In 5th, sniper rifles also use BS to hit, so BS3 snipers are going to be horrid.

Scouts are going to be troops in the SM codex. Whether they will be BS and WS 3 or 4 is still unknown.

01-07-2008, 04:24
I had a look in the 5th rule book where they had all the armies reference sheet, it is stated there that scouts still has WS4 BS4. I am just hoping that in the new marine codex, scouts there get the S4 shotguns.