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01-07-2008, 03:29
Hey all I've played a lot of Elite armies and want to playing Horde army. I like war machines and calvary but I don't mind if I don't get them. With some help from my Store some of the armies I have in mind is Empire, Beasts Of Chaos, Vampire Counts, and Skavan. They said I should stay away from Skavan cause of their new codex coming, and such. I don't know what army to do. I know I want to do a Horde. Oh yea I don't want to play Orcs because of my friend plays them and I don't want to do what other people do that much.

01-07-2008, 03:33
empire sounds like it would be good choice.

if up for a challenge though and its allowed chaos dwarfs sound perfect for you. can do a horde of hobos backed up by elite dwarfs and they have a ton of cheap warmachines. Also get the heaviest fast calv in the game

01-07-2008, 03:38
Hopefully the irony of your name and the last line of your post isn't lost on you.

As to what to play, please refer to Spikedog's sticky link at the top of this forum for ideas about the merits and limitations of the various armies.

For true horde status you really are hard pressed to beat Skaven and O&G. While Empire can have lots of troops it fundamentally plays very differently as do BoC and VC.

If the 'they're getting a new book soon' worries you I'd suggest you relax. If you like skaven get them. If they get rid of clan rats, skaven slaves or stormvermin there won't be any skaven left. Which is to say, most of what you would buy will remain VERY playable in any future version of the army. Similarly BoC are imminently due for a new book as well.

As for O&G, dear god man!, they have so much flavor, fluff and variety that you and your friend could both have O&G armies and scarcely have a model in common.

01-07-2008, 04:44
If u want the ultimate horde army, than get the skaven. They can field more troops on the field than any army. But yeah their new 7th edition revision is coming out early next year some time but Im already starting them anyway.
Vampire Counts are a magic fuelled army and thus have a lot of superiority in the magic phase and they spawn more troops. But they are all close combat themed.
O&G idk much about but they have a buttload of different troop options.
Empire can have many troops but play differently from other horde armies(firepower for one) and they have all the classy choices such as knights and cannons.
But seriously, check out Spikedog's dossier on da armies.

01-07-2008, 15:44
Gnoblar Horde. You can easily put down 20+ units of 25 troops each in a 2000pt game.

01-07-2008, 16:15
Hi. I'm a lifetime horde player. :D

I've played skaven, all-gobbos, and currently I'm on an empire kick. I'll skip the gobbos, since you said your friend plays them, so I'll compare a bit of empire vs. gobbos.

Overall, they can both put down a lot of "core" infantry. Skaven gain the LD benefit of Strength in Numbers (SiN) and other units ignore panic from fleeing slaves. Slaves are ultra-cheap. Empire get Detahcments, which allow them to field small sub-units which are also ignored for panic. No cheap units like slaves, but they do have some more effective options.

Empire get excellent cavalry options. Knights and pistoliers are both excellent, IMHO. Skaven get none, but can field giant rats, which are more like crappy M6 infantry than cavalry, and can also field gutter runners for striking across the other side of the battlefield.

Both have some good choices for war machines. Most of the skaven stuff is of questionable reliability and a bit fragile (both in terms of dying and panicking.) Empire get some pretty potent weapons, but some (rocket launcher) can still be a bit random as well.

For lesser shooting, skaven have very little available. Empire has more choice.

As far as heroes, both armies use them as a suppliment to the troops (unless you use special characters.) Both need a decent general to lend LD to the troops and both can benefit from a BSB. Empire have a wide range of magic lores open to them, or can gain magic defense combined with combat buffing of warrior priests. Skaven have less choice with magic, but the most commen spell can be very effective (provided it doesn't backfire and kill the caster :rolleyes: ).

I like both armies. They both have a lot of character and have some distinct advantages and disadvantages as far as playing a horde army. In my biased opinion, you won't go wrong with either army.

In my opinion, empire is a little more forgiving, and has some more flexibility since it has a greater variety of troops and can be expanded into a different style of play (non-hordey) if you prefer. Skaven will be getting a new book in the not-so-distant future, so I expect they may get some new stuff and/or changes, but the core of what the army is will presumably not change as someone else already pointed out.

edit: Also, for more information on Skaven, you might check out discussions in the Tactics section. The Skaven council of 13 is pretty lively and helpful. www.warhammer-empire.com has both a tactics section and forums that are also really good.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
01-07-2008, 16:16
Gnoblar Horde. You can easily put down 20+ units of 25 troops each in a 2000pt game.

Is actually a pretty decent army as well. Not the easiest to use by any means, but hard in it's own ways.

01-07-2008, 19:54
Well I posted something like this on another site before this and they said what do you want to do in your army and I gave them the horde with good at close combat some war machines good at magic, and someone said then Orcs is your choice so I was thinking and my friend really doesn't mind, but he said it will be boring and will want to play my other race, of HE. I would most likely like to make a most Orc force, tried of seeing Night Goblin lists and Goblins lists out there. So yea, I'm most likely doing Orcs and Goblins.