View Full Version : The Plunderers, need help

01-07-2008, 13:02
After reading the article in the watchman about OK on a shoestring I decided to have a go at them, however I added a few changes in the army list and wanted to see what people thinked of the changes in the butcher's itens and what should I had to get the army up to 2250 pts.

Tyrant: Great weapon; Heavy armour + Gut Maw; Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck Gnoblar [275]
goes with
4 Ironguts Bellower Banner Look-out gnoblar warbanner [252]

Butcher: 2 tooth gnoblar + Halfling cook book [165]
Butcher:Bloodcleaver + dispell scroll [180]

2*4 Bulls: Light Armour+Ironfist; Bellower+Standart with look out gnoblar [207*2=414]
2*20 gnoblar fighters [2*40=80]
8 trappers [48]

2*3 Leadbelchers

2 Maneaters Catayanlongsword and Heavy Weapon, Heavy Armour
1 Gorger